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Stonehenge • every age has the stonehenge it deserves — or desires. - jacquetta hawkes
picturesque that it makes me go back in time how it all began... a british cultural icon and a unesco world heritage, mystified and demonstrates art, science and innovation. •••

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Psalm 89:19, joel 2:28
prayer: lord, help us move by faith just as our ancestors described in hebrews 11 did. add us to the admirable hall of faith. increase our faith, so as to be pleasing to you lord. help us see first in our minds what you need to be reality around us. then empower by your holy spirit to then move and act on our faith. you share your will in vision. help us to see. lord, we trust you to reveal as we boldly enter the holy of holies to receive what you have for our lives. thank you, jesus!

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Some feel i could be more positive in my posts. i appreciate the feedback. truth is both positive and negative. do you agree? you see, i would argue that the truth is not always “positive”, right, at least not initially, at times one needs to tear down to build up something beautiful, & eventually as one comes to appreciate truth in the the bible, your faith and joy just blossom.
but at the same time the bible is full of “negative” events which are recorded for our instruction. please read 2 tim 3:16,17 think about the old test. wow-jehovah’s people committing many negative offences against his law, and quite often the kings and religious leadership were the instigators that led the israelite people astray into false worship. god had to keep sending prophets to them which they scorned and even killed, including his own son. the truth is primarily positive only if it is actually the truth.
yes the truth can also be quite shocking, just as you read. however in the end the truth is liberating & positive.
i always found what peter said at 2 peter 3:5, interesting “for, according to their wish, this fact escapes their notice…” or kjv: "for this they willingly are ignorant of,”
these false teachers were short sighted and missed the point because they wanted to miss the point. were not above this, it’s a self made trap- wishing to believe what is true. the bible says one has to “love truth” above all other things—all other ideas and concepts—john 4:23,24. this is no easy thing, there are centuries old lies to unravel & doctrines, policies of men that is interwoven with gods word, that’s against us, adding to the burden is our own weak and sinful self with all its own wants, desires, prejudices and hang-ups.
paul warned the ephesians about the need to maintain vigilance:  please read eph. 4:14 yes,children get caught out against the cunning. let’s not be like spiritual b***s but spiritual grown uos . a lot is at stake. 😊☕️
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از همین الان شروع کن💪
هیچ وقت دیر نیست، کافیه اراده کنی به یه هدف برسی🥇اون موقس که خدا چنان بهت کمک میکنه و تو چنان پیشرفتی میکنی که هیچکس کس توی خوابش هم نمیدید👌🥇
تو یه موجودی که خدا اونو به شکل و مثال خودش آفریده؛ خدا قدرت نامحدوده پس توهم میتونی با کمکش به اهدافت برسی 👌مطمئن باش خدا هم کمکت میکنه💪💓
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Just let them sleep
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Bom dia!
que o bem esteja no meio de nós, iluminando nossos sorrisos e fortalecendo cada dia mais nossa bondade,humildade e gratidão.
sendo assim acredite e abençoe.
que teu dia brilhe!"#goodmorning #bomdia #fé #god #gratidão #deus

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همه بگن...
❤این پیج مخصوص خداست لطفا رعایت ادب رو بکنید
✌دوستاتونو تگ کنید تا زودی بیاییــم بــالـــا
🚶سِـــه تا پســـت آخر رو لایــــک کنید
👉flw page : @myg0d 👈
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Good jesus wednesday morning passage of the day☕🌈⛅🌹😇💕 🌹knowing christ🌹 🌹please read: philippians 3:3-11🌹
the elect know the essential facts about your savior’s life, but not many know jesus christ relationally. you who are the elect are so busy with activities and pursuits that you rarely think of jesus until a desperate situation arises (matthew 6:33)🌹
when you know the lord intimately and have a continually deepening relationship with him then jesus christ is at the top of your priorities, and every possession, accomplishment, or pursuit is worthless compared to knowing jesus christ🌹 verses 8–10 of today’s passage reveal the results of making jesus christ your foremost desire:
🌹increasing hunger: “that i may gain christ.” even though paul had an amazing relationship with jesus, his passion was so great that he wanted to know the lord more deeply (2 corinthians 5:1~21)🌹
🌹changed life: “the righteousness which comes from god.” the more you know christ, the more you’ll mature spiritually and display his righteousness (ecclesiastes 12:13-14)🌹
🌹greater capability: “the power of his resurrection.” the spirit’s power flows through those closely connected to jesus christ (1 john 3:1)🌹
🌹new perspective: “the fellowship of his sufferings.” when you understand christ, you recognize the benefits he works in you through your times of difficulty (john 14:6)🌹
🌹victorious living: “being conformed to his death.”the elect who know jesus well count themselves dead to the sins that once dominated their lives (galatians 2:20)🌹
is your life characterized by a deep, abiding passion for christ, or is your relationship with him shallow and mechanical? the elect must not let worldly pleasures, opportunities, and responsibilities rob them of the treasure of knowing jesus. it’s time to count this world and it's pleasures as loss and pursue jesus christ as if there is no tomorrow (james 4:13-14)🌹
roses for you women's ministries. isaiah 61:1-3
🌹alegna royale🌹
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The secret of the lord is with them that fear him; and he will shew them his covenant.
mine eyes are ever toward the lord; for he shall pluck my feet out of the net. - psalm 25:14-15

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Fall fest is sunday, october 28, from 5-7pm, at tc roberson! grab a costume, donate some candy, and get your selfie game on! all free! 😜🍭🍂

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Watch this space...1st november, 2018. who's ready?
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