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Playskin works because very low intensity micro-currents are not invasive or perceivable. they act both at muscle and cell level, which improves skin elasticity and tone and, at the same time, they electrically charge the hydrogel mask to expand the action of moisturising and anti-aging components. demo available contact me on +44 ‭7873 439883. #playskin®
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Poupée russe beauté vous propose de découvrir son dernier soin visage.
⭐️le peeling rénovateur anti-âge à l'acide glycolique.⭐️
ce soin visage perment de retrouver une peau éclatante sans imperfections n'y tâches pigmentaires.
idéal pour lutter contre les ridules et rides le peeling reste le seul soin visage vraiment efficace pour lutter contres les signes de l'âge.

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☀️ & 🌙 radiance ✨ vitamin c for a bright morning start and glycolic acid on evenings when i don’t use retinoids. the result: smoother, even-looking, luminous complexion 💛

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I finished my @peterthomasrothofficial rose stem cell cleanser. i love this cleanser!! it's hydrating, non stripping, anti aging and toning. it also smells fabulous! you can also use this face cleanser as a body wash. and it lasts a long time! this bottle lasted me like 6 months! #beautyempties #peterthomasroth #skincare #skincareislife #facecleanser #cleanser #rosestemcell #antiaging #sephora #beauty #blogger #igers #roses #reviews #empty #clinicalskincare #glycolicacid #biorepair

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I think i’m ready to make a decision on this. i should say up front that i am 35 and very oily. the sunday riley good genes is great, but it’s not for me. i noticed over time i developed a sensitivity to it and i always ended up with three or more small white heads the day after i used it. i have not yet had any reactions to the d***k elephant tlc framboos glycolic night serum. i have used it alone as well as in conjunction with the marula oil and both are good. i also noticed my skin is overall more clear while using the tlc serum. so, while i’m not saying yet that the de serum is my holy grail, i much prefer it to the good genes. and bonus, it’s cheaper. @sundayriley @drunkelephant #sundayrileygoodgenes #drunkelephant #glycolicacid #skincare #nightserum #makeupjunkie

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Accelerate your results with these little gems 👌ideal for clients that are wanting to target pigmentation, broken capillaries and dehydration #laserlogicclinic #tebiskin #glycolicacid #gluage #activeingredients #medicalgradeskincare #results #skin #agespots #kingsgrove #stgeorge #finalists

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Clogged pores, blackhead, & white heads. our client decided it was time to liberate her pores and got the @hydrafacial treatment. swipe left for before pics .
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I stopped using chemical exfoliants weekly and decided to use less evasive options for that purpose such as hylamide’s sub q anti-age. i do have a oily t-zone that i’ve finally gotten under control (hallelujah 🙏🏾) but from time to time i like to use the aha/bha peeling solution for the intense, once in a blue moon, decongesting treatment. i don’t want to credit this for giving me my smooth skin, i only use it for my deep cleaning. if i don’t need it all over, i’d use it only on my nose which gets the oiliest.

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#microdermabrasion aka #microneedling aka #collageninductiontherapy is a minimally invasive beauty procedure. it’s done with the #dermapen
the procedure involves piercing the skin with micro needles of varying sizes, the size used is determined by the condition being addressed. the needles pierce the skin inflicting multiple tiny injuries in the skin... this tricks the body response mechanism to respond in manners consistent with wound healing, sending in white blood cells to the site and then collagen fibers are deposited abundantly to firm up your skin, remove stretch marks, eliminate fine lines, reduce pores, fade acne scars.

benefits of this procedure - treats skin blemishes; fine lines, acne, acne scarring, saggy skin, reverse aging, stretch marks,
- enhances topical absorption; #microdermabrasion can be used with #prp #hyaluronicacid #lacticacid #glycolicacid #vitcserum #glutathione the abrasions allow topical applications to seep into the skin and absorb faster, bringing effects faster
- reverse aging; as we grow older, our skin loses collagen, this depletion in collagen causes wrinkles, fine lines, basically everything associated with skin aging. when #microdermabrasion is done, it tones up your facial skin and firming your skin from d dermis upward —the best time to start an anti-aging consciousness is while you’re young, the earlier the best! #healthylifestyle #skincare #skinhealth #healthylifestyle #beauty #forever21 #foreveryoung #lagos #skinaesthetic #skinaesthetics9ja

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💛save the best for #selfcaresunday !! 🤩
⭐️i've had a really chilled weekend which gave me the time to really look into what my skin needs. i have put a lot of emphasis on vitamin c in my routine and spf's and do the usual cleanse-tone-serum-moisturise morning and evening. however, how did i not know i need retinol/vitamin a somewhere in there at my age?! 🤔 hopefully it's not too late to start incorporating this in my routine, so i have ordered some luna by @sundayriley . there are a lot of brands out there who do retinol but sunday riley is the one brand that has never let me down on quality. expensive, yes. but reliable. .
my routine this evening consisted of the following products:
⭐️ atlantic kelp and magnesium shower gel by @renskincare . this is gorgeous and i keep this with my skincare products in my room as it is too gorgeous to leave in the bathroom to share! .
⭐️ moringa cleansing balm by @emmahardieskincare . best. ever. ✋🏻😑
⭐️ exfolikate by @katesomervilleskincare . this is sooo expensive but! it's so beautiful. i had a sample of this a while back and was the one product i was super gutted when it run out. it's a two minute facial, stings like hell and i bloody love it 😝
⭐️glycolic acid toning solution 7% by the ordinary @deciem . simple but effective. lots stronger than my pigm400 though! (that one is 4% glycolic)
⭐️eau roma water by @lush . pure lavender and rose water. nothing else. beautiful for hydration. .
⭐️ pep-start eye cream by @cliniqueuk . this is ok. not its biggest fan. .
⭐️champagne serum by @leahlaniskincare . i am taking some advice from an article i read recently - that serum is more important than the moisturiser. she is right, of course. so.... on #selfcaresunday i whip out the best serum i have. and i bask in its ambiance. 💫 . #carolinehironsmademedoit .
⭐️ finally, so as to not take away the gorgeousness of the serum i used the ordinary's natural moisturising factors + ha. i can still smell the serum so am glad i didn't use an overpowering or scented moisturiser!!! 💛

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Happy fathers day to all the dads out there and a special happy fathers day to the dad of dermchoice!! #drb #dad #founder #dermatologist

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Stimulate and exfoliate without irritation! dermabrasive gel allows ingredients to p*******e deeper into the skin making the most of the rest of your products!! this fluid exfoliates dead skin cells, stimulates cell renewal, stimulates blood flow and gives an anti- inflammatory effect to the skin. please step away from those abrasive facial scrubs ❌ #noscrubs #qmsmedicosmetics #anti-inflammatory #exfoliate #medicosmetics #skincare #athomefacial #glycolicacid #stimulate

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Repost 📷😍 @ellieeewbu ・・・
“loving how amazing my skin is looking after discovering this bottle of magic ✨ by @nkedface it’s a 10% chemical peel that i’ve been using once a week and my skin is just glowing! everyone seriously needs this in their life ✨💕” #nkedface #flawlessfix _______________________________
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