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Shanley’s bucket list: well, this is the face of a girl who had mcdonald’s chicken mcnuggets for dinner!! i did share with @dec_the_big_red_dog and quinlan, but since mom bought 40 (yes, you read that right...40!), we all had plenty! yummiest dinner ever!! #shanleysbucketlist #seniorgolden #seniorgirl #seniordogs #livingmybestlife #faceofhappiness #dogsofcarmel #carmeldogs .
shanley’s mom here. shanley was back at the vet today as she was really struggling to get up today and smelled “off”. the vet checked her out and said that there is nothing much more they can do for her except pain management. they think one of the tumors in her bladder (she has been living with bladder cancer for two years) ruptured which is causing the smell. the great vet techs cleaned her up and we’re keeping on her pain meds. her bucket list today was her favorite - mcnuggets from mcdonald’s!! ❤️❤️

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Baby announcement. 😍👪
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Shanley’s bucket list: today, mom took me with her to coffee at the @carmelplaza , one of my favorite places! i got lots of attention from the golf fans who were waiting for the shuttles to the us open. mom also bought me my own croissant, which i devoured!! she walked me around ocean avenue and then i went home and napped with @dec_the_big_red_dog . #shanleysbucketlist #sanddollardogco #wherewillyoutakeyourdog #dogsofcarmel #carmeldogs #seniorgolden #seniordog
shanley’s mom here...thank you all for such lovely comments and words from yesterday’s post. it means the world to us to know that shanley has brought smiles to many people. we’re continuing to keep her comfortable and she slept really well last night. thank you for following on her bucket list adventures and please know how much we appreciate you!! ❤️❤️❤️

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Tbt to being a sakura princess last spring 🌸
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Friends, it’s shanley’s mom here. it is with a heavy heart that i share the news that sweet shanley is entering into end of life care. she was diagnosed with an aggressive hemangiosarcoma in her belly about three months ago and the mass is growing rapidly. she is suffering from cachexia now, which is causing atrophy in her muscles and weight loss.
while she is still eating and able to go p***y on her own, she can no longer get herself up from a lying down position without assistance and has nerve damage that has affected her back left leg.

knowing that we do not have much time left with our girl, we are embarking on #shanleysbucketlist over the next few days/weeks.

today, shanley got to go down to the beach on her own without crazy declan and quinlan running around. she walked in the waves, rolled in the sand and got lots of love from people on the beach. we sat together and watched the surfers and enjoyed the quiet.

thank you all for loving my sweet girl so much. and stay tuned for more of her bucket list adventures!

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|| day 60 || 60 days since i officially got the all clear that i was done with chemo and in complete remission! mom and i are so thankful for every single sunset together 💕😊 #outpacecancer #thankful #nofilter

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