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comment 3 star 480 October 2019
comment 4 star 136 December 2014
comment 2 star 109 December 2014

I want these circles soooo badly 😩 #hipsdontlie 🤦🏼‍♀️

comment 5 star 166 Yesterday

Gotta love florida weather. i was able to rock my @clutchcityofficial tank in february and i loved it!! i’m going to have to get some more for summa time 😬😬

comment 5 star 207 Yesterday

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comment 1 star 18 Yesterday

I’ve always been sooo terrible at saving the wheelie after moving to a new position. usually once i start to lose it, it’s over. finallllyyy have the confidence to blip myself back up 🙌🏼. it’s the little things. 📱 @snazzy636

comment 16 star 289 2 days ago

Use your passion, your strength, and your dedication to reach every single one of your goals ✨. loving my @clutchcityofficial tank. 💕. thanks to @snazzy636 for being my camera woman

comment 4 star 277 2 days ago

@freddierodz at it again with the bomb edits 😍😍. thank you so much!!!

comment 5 star 284 3 days ago

The weekend is in sight ✨. 📸 @freddierodz

comment 5 star 214 5 days ago

Blondes have more fun...especially on a motorcycle 😬😬 @vanessa_babywheelies killed it with the tandems. #twogirlsonebike #blondes 📸 @freddierodz and jase. #wheeliewednesday💥

comment 7 star 246 6 days ago

Wheelie wednesday. 📸 @freddierodz 🙌🏼. my motobike looks so fresh 😍 #shesagood20footer #wheeliewednesday

comment 4 star 270 6 days ago

Really need to learn some new tricks but these are just so fun to work on. #tiptoetuesday

comment 3 star 200 1 weeks ago

Already christened my new shoes 😭. 📸 @freddierodz

comment 7 star 198 2 weeks ago

So excited to be able to stay up in the tank and ride these out finally 🙌🏼. thanks to @freddierodz for the fantastic photos!!

comment 13 star 308 2 weeks ago

Another good day at the lot. 🙌🏼 once a week is rough on the body though. i’m exhausted. gotta start making some time to really work out during the week. 💪🏼. 📸 @vanessa_babywheelies

comment 8 star 369 2 weeks ago

Since it’s been brought to my attention a million times that maybe it’s time for new riding shoes, i’ll post one of my final foot drags in remembrance of my jordans. they took hella beatings over the years. but it’s time to retire them. new hotness coming tomorrow 😬. who’s riding tomorrow!?

comment 5 star 217 2 weeks ago

As much as i would looovvee to k**l sitdowns, i don’t think they will ever be my strong suit. they just look so cool doe 🦑🦑

comment 5 star 196 2 weeks ago

Next baby step accomplished. 🙌🏼 finally dragging my foot farther than a few inches lol. now i need to learn to bring the d**n bike back farther 🦑

comment 19 star 200 2 weeks ago

Hwkmotorsports with the dope riding pants. 🔥

comment 2 star 191 2 weeks ago

Can’t wait to keep working on these circles 🙌🏼. i feel like it may finally be the year i conquer them...lets hope. only been 20 years since i started the circle journey 🤣

comment 3 star 145 2 weeks ago

Wheelie wednesday 🚮 @snazzy636 with the video

comment 5 star 248 2 weeks ago

Only took me a million years to be confident enough to try these 😬🦑

comment 10 star 184 2 weeks ago

Tank trick tuesday 🦑

comment 8 star 254 2 weeks ago

This sunday was nothing but progression. it’s really crazy what a difference positive thinking can make. i used to be in such competition with myself that i was losing the motivation for riding. i was making it miserable and it wasn’t something fun anymore. something shifted and these last few months as i’ve stopped holding myself to the unrealistic standards that i used to drill into my own head. i stopped getting so angry with myself for not being able to do things that other girls do...not progress as fast as everyone else...not being able to ride but more than a few hours a month really. it was doing nothing but holding my own self back. i’m over it and i feel like a new person in at least one aspect of my life. don’t know how long it will last but i’m enjoying the days i have. and thank you to all my people at the lot and on here for not letting me go back to my negative ways. it’s appreciated more than you know. 📱 @snazzy636

comment 25 star 214 3 weeks ago

Who’s ready for sunday stunt day? what are y’all working on?

comment 10 star 221 3 weeks ago

Throwback thursday 🦑

comment 4 star 198 3 weeks ago

So pretty with fairings. but i kind of feel like i’d like to find some 13+ fairings for her now. decisions decisions 😫

comment 5 star 156 3 weeks ago

Just some squid combos for wheelie wednesday 🦑 📱 @snazzy636

comment 14 star 159 3 weeks ago

Tip toeing in my jordans 💁🏼‍♀️. oh and my fresh @hwkmotorsports gear 🤗 #tiptoetuesday 📸 @snazzy636

comment 6 star 264 3 weeks ago

Thank you, @6dirty6_kirby for catching this. i have some of the best friends who continue to hype me up and motivate me to not give up 🙌🏼🙌🏼

comment 11 star 120 3 weeks ago

Thank you to @hwkmotorsports for hooking a girl up with some gear. knowing my b***y was protected let me push a little harder at progressing. still not doing legit circles but the recons are getting more consistent. 5 more years and circles will be my b***h 🤣🤣

comment 8 star 179 4 weeks ago

Team hwk. trying out some new gear. 😎 @hwkmotorsports

comment 7 star 272 4 weeks ago

Who’s ready to ride today? 😬 timm bee. little editing by me. gotta make me look kind of cool lol 🤣

comment 8 star 185 4 weeks ago

@hannamilosevich is a female skateboarder that’s been skating 3 months and already working on a full video part. never met anyone so driven. she’s also the graphic artist for the company🤘🤘🤘🎥 @opossumjoe

comment 16 star 138 4 weeks ago

I like to get my squats in on one wheel 💃🏼

comment 2 star 118 4 weeks ago

It’s wheelie wednesday. although i wish it was sunday funday 📸 timm bee

comment 3 star 259 4 weeks ago

Okay now, @tealenoble out here learning stand up wheelies on her #klx110 ! 😱😱 badass for sure.

comment 6 star 227 last month

They re-painted this gem... i re-hollow back handstanded it 🤙 #inversionjunkie #yogadriveby #girlstunts #justdoit

comment 0 star 21 last month