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Did you even go to porto if you didn’t take a million photos of all the pretty blue tiles? 👀🔷

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A popular question i’ve been getting : do they feed the rays or do they naturally come to you?
yes the rays and reef shark and even many other types of shark around french polynesia are fed.
next question :what were they fed?
raw fish of course. they love it.
next question: won’t they sting you?
fun fact! stingrays are not normally aggressive. the ones in these lagoons especially are not. so i would not worry about them stinging you. they’re normally kind and gentle with humans.
and one final question : can you touch them? they’ll probably be more likely to touch you. they like to wiggle up in your lap and on your back. don’t attempt to grab and drag them to you please. remember these are still wild animals. i always suggest letting them come to you. 📸 @digital.depths .
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How to know if you spotted a real geisha...? a good basic indicator is if they're trying their very best to avoid you and the crowd as they go through small alleyways like this in kyoto's gion! 😅✨👘⁠ after all, geisha don’t willingly stop to take photos with you since they’re usually trying to get to work when they’re out on the streets.
- - -⁠
this was the 2nd time that i've accidentally spotted an authentic maiko (apprentice geisha/geiko) in japan and it was such a surreal experience. also, just look at her kimono: it's so pretty and luxurious-looking — which is as it should be since those usually costs more than $10,000!!! (she was waiting here in the corner for quite a while, and i guess it's because she was waiting for her taxi that would take her to work at an ochaya or tea house.)⁠
- - -⁠
note: in case you're wondering why i knew she was a 'maiko', it's because she is wearing a red kimono underneath. (it becomes white or pink when she's promoted to a geisha.)⁠
- - -⁠
fun fact: the first time that i spotted a geisha, i just froze up on the spot as i saw her walking in front of me (mind you, i was actually lost so i ended up in a very remote area of gion lol). it helps to mention too that i never really get 'starstruck' when i see celebrities, not even my favorite ones — but when i saw that geisha, she just had an ethereal feel that i just didn't know what else to do with my body, but to just stare lol. anyhow, that moment struck me in a special way that i instantly read up more about them, their culture and rigorous training. with that said, i can easily distinguish fake geisha/maiko (basically the tourists who are dressing up as one). if you're interested, you can read more about this on my blog as well as the history and typical 'myths+facts' of the whole geisha profession.⁠
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📍samarkand, uzbekistan 🇺🇿 featuring #traveldreamseekers

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Life is like a sea of vibrant colors, jump in: stay in your magic & never regret anything that makes you smile 🥰

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First port stop on our @seabourncruise adventure - provincetown, massachusetts, at the northern tip of cape cod. 😍 we didn’t do any excursions here, but instead wandered around town looking for the cutest houses (of which there were a bunch, but we especially loved this one) and stopped to get clam chowder for lunch. i only got a small taste of how charming cape cod is, so i’ll definitely have to come back someday! 💙 #seabournquest #seabournpartner #rsjscruises .
model: @hkcung

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