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Let’s stalk about c e l e r y 🌱 i’m sure you’ve seen the most recent heath craze and the celery juicing trend that’s made everyone’s resolutions list ! i’ve been juicing for about 10 days and just want to share my experience with you! so here’s the juice: 🌱why i started drinking celery juice —
i’ve experienced a wide array of gut issues since i stopped competing. most of which include uncomfortable bloating and cramping. i’ve done many things that have helped. such as cutting out dairy, decreasing my animal protein intake, and countless supplements. so i figured why not give this a shot!! i’ll be 100% transparent with you guys and say that for about the first 4 days of drinking celery juice... i had terrible cramps and a big bloat. it took about 5 days for the celery juice to really take full effect. and now... i’m never going back!
what i’ve noticed—
🌱a flatter tummy, more energy, less cravings and glowing skin!
other benefits of celery juicing include—
helps reduce blood pressure, helps with stress, contains essential vitamins and minerals, it’s anti-inflammatory, helps balance ph levels, promotes weight loss, and many many more!!! (if you want to read more on celery juicing, @medicalmedium has some great info!) 🌱what you need to know to juice—
consume on an empty stomach. 16-24 ounces
buy organic when possible.
use a cold pressed juicer.
wait 15-30 minutes before consuming anything else.
be consistent.
i challenge everyone to incorporate celery juice into your daily routine! i promise you will love the results: a better, healthier you! .
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Throwback thursday to when i was a bridesmaid 😉

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Stop slaving away on low calorie fad diets.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
you tried keto.. the whole 30.. weight watchers… cutting carbs.. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
endless amounts of just cardio…⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
maybe you lost the weight. but ask yourself this… ⁣⁣⁣⁣
did you keep the weight off?⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
how do you feel when you look in the mirror? are you happy? did you make any long term healthy habit changes when you initially lost weight? ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
or did you yo-yo diet back all the weight…and then some? ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
trust me. i’ve been there. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
the thing about diets is that sure you can lose the weight to start, but can you stick to this kind of lifestyle for the rest of your life?⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
can you stick to the 5 days of just cardio that you’re doing for the rest of your life?⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
are you happy?⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
chances are this kind of lifestyle is not sustainable. hell. there’s no way i’d be able to keep that up and even if i did, i know i wouldn’t be happy.⁣
isn’t it time you start trying to make long term habit changes to your health? ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
that way, when something pops up in your life that causes your schedule to change (a new job, a new baby, a new relationship) you’re able to get right back on track because you have healthy habits that you’ve built up & practiced for some time that it’s easy to get right back on track!⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
fast weight loss doesn’t mean maintainable weight loss. if you don’t know how to properly reverse out of a diet and slowly add calories back in you most certainly will pack the pounds right back on. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
maybe this time it’s time to try something different.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
here’s the secret to keeping the weight off:⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
making sure you’re in a calorie deficit and allowing yourself to have a balance of foods you love to eat and crave and nourishing foods that you know are good for you and your health. that’s it.⁣⁣⁣⁣
i'm currently accepting 2 more spots for online coaching. if you're struggling with finding that balance & middle ground in your life & find yourself continuously doing keto or other fad diets, send me a message or click the link in my bio!⁣⁣
it's time to find your balance, happiness, and freedom!❤️⁣⁣

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Always focus on my plans on my dreams,
nothing else matters when it comes to achieve it !
i remind this to myself everyday ✌🏼✌🏼
by the way, legs workout was insine 🥩🥩💪🏼💪🏼🔥🔥🔥🙂
stay motivated ✌🏼 🎤
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112kg | 86kg. resolvi aproveitar essa onda de 10yearschallenge pra postar o meu antes e depois também, só que o meu é um pouco diferente. essa foi minha transformação de 105 dias e 26kg a menos.
depois de passar por uma fase complicada, com a perda de alguns entes queridos, eu consegui a motivação para cuidar da minha saúde. comecei a me exercitar, melhorei minha alimentação e com o tempo fui me apaixonando mais e mais pelo ramo, principalmente pela área da nutrição. é fascinante o poder dela nas nossas vidas, não apenas em questão de estética mas principalmente saúde e bem estar!!
depois de alguns livros e incontáveis horas de vídeos assistidos, comecei até mesmo a ajudar alguns amigos. vendo que minha vontade de aprender mais era cada vez mais forte, resolvi ingressar numa faculdade de nutrição e começar meu mais novo projeto.
meu muito obrigado à todos que me ajudaram nessa caminhada e que, de alguma forma, me incentivaram a iniciar o curso de nutrição, vocês sabem a importância que tiveram pra todas essas mudanças!

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🌹 summertime fine wine #tbt

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