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Monday is an asshole xoxo 🌈🌻🐬🎀 #mondaymotivation

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Anzeige || #portugal calling ✈️☀️ oh yes! passend dazu teile ich in dieser woche sehr viel zu dem thema „ernährung und sport im urlaub“ - ich werde übrigens kein gym haben für eine woche ☝🏼
vielleicht noch mal doppelt interessant wie ich das training in der zeit gestalte! .
heute wird noch mal fleißig gearbeitet & dann geht abends der flieger in richtung sonne ! der laptop wird zwar auch eingepackt & ich werde im urlaub normal arbeiten, aaaaber mir auch viel erholung und entspannung gönnen 🥰
wünsche euch allen einen super start in die neue woche! ❤️
macht bitte das beste aus dem sau wetter hier!
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What is my current fitness routine? 🙌🏼👊🏼
monday: full body training
tuesday: back day
wednesday: full body training
thursday: boxing day
friday: arm day
i use the rp diet app to help me stay on track of my current fitness goals and favorite foods. 🥑being super busy with school, the diet app reminds me when it is time to eat my meals! every morning, ☀️ i step on a scale to help keep track of my progress. it also provides a shopping list that helps me schedule my meal plans for the week! 💯
discount: wong
#rpstrength #teamrpstrength

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Welcome to day 4 of
#flexyhippilastic2 yoga challenge .
we have any lotus or compass pose !
i choose sideplank with lotus legs ... still hard for me 😅.
make sure to checking with my amazing co hosts 🙏🏻😘💖✨🙌🏻.
🌹 your fun hosts:

@hfm_yogaholic . .
🌹 your fun ️sponsors:

@liforme #liforme ~ mat
@kdwapparel ~ leggings
@zenpolitan ~ bracelet .
🌹 hippilastic lines up :

1) bound angle pose / baddha konasana ✔️
2) any pose with hopper leg / grasshopper pose ✔️
3)  lizard pose ✔️
4)  lotus  pose/ compass pose ✔️
5 ) horse face pose/ vatayanasana
6)  any  flexy splits
7) any flexy hippilastic pose of your choice .
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Fav new lazy day fit.
sundays are the best because i get to spend the day with family, relax, and get lots of homework done. -
new week, new opportunities 🤪💛💫✨🔮🌈 🌸☀️
p.s. i’m also trying real hard to get the page aesthetic back 😂

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• kinder pinguì fit pancake •

rieccomi dopo un lungo weekend in giro per l’italia con una sorpresa a colazione.
dopo la mugcake che avete tanto gradito 🙏🏻 arriva il pancake a tema 🐧
una base soffice e umida,ripiena di una crema fresca e corposa e ricoperta da uno strato cioccolatoso e goloso (senza glutine-senza lattosio-senza zuccheri aggiunti). ingredienti x1 pancake: 🌾 15gr di farina di riso 🍫 15gr di farina di avena nutchoc @prozis + 10gr di cacao amaro
🥥 10gr di farina di cocco 🍦 50gr di yogurt greco senza lattosio 🥚 150gr di albumi
🍋 1/2cucchiaino di bicarbonato + succo di limone 🥄 vaniglia bio in polvere qb.
cottura su padellino da 12/14cm,con coperchio da un solo lato,per circa 20minuti.
per la farcitura: 🍦 100gr di yogurt greco senza lattosio
🥥 5gr di cocco rapè
🍭 1pizzico di bolero al cocco.
per la glassa: 🍫 10gr di cacao amaro
🌾 10gr di farina di carrube 🥛 latte di avena qb.
#tips : tagliare a metà il pancake (prima di farcire) e spennellare con del latte come fosse un pan di spagna;conservare una notte in frigo;per i vostri acquisti su @prozis italia inserite il mio codice feat10 per uno sconto del 10-15% a seconda del prodotto selezionato.
buon inizio settimana a tutti 😌 #breakfast #oatmeal #prozis #healthychoice #healthyfood #foodphotografy #instagood #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitgirl #iifym #foodlover #foodporn #prozisitalia #exceedyourself #instagood #ig_italia #instafood #gymgirl #musclefood #getfit #foodblogger #foodiegram #foodness #ilmegliodelfit #momslowcost

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“to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment” - ralph waldo emerson 🙏🏽
this is why i tend not to follow the latest fashion trends.
instead, i always choose what i feel comfortable in & what i think fits me/my style ☺️
(or maybe it’s bc i just can’t keep up hahaha 🙈😅)

do you do the same?
or are you always up to date with the latest trend? 💁🏽‍♀️
outfit deets
👚 top: @motelrocks
—> they’re launching a sample sale today, so you can get your fave pieces for super cheap!! 🙏🏽🛍
👖pants: @freddyausnz
🧥 jacket: @forevernew_official

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What’s your story?

ever find yourself trying to stay in your own lane, and yet after chatting with a friend, family member, or looking at an instagram account you start doubting your own stance/decisions? this is super common, but we promise you there’s so much power in recognizing that someone else’s story is not your own.

some examples~
💫 your friend is doing 2 workouts in a day and you’re taking a day off ... 🙅🏼‍♀️doesn’t mean you need to hit the gym.
💫 your friend had a bad day at work and is complaining about it to you ... 🙅🏼‍♀️doesn’t mean you have to adopt a negative mindset or believe the same is true for you.
💫 your friend is going vegan, doing f-factor, or an elimination diet ... 🙅🏼‍♀️doesn’t mean what’s working for you food-wise is wrong or needs to be altered.
💫 your friend bashes working out, eating healthy or any kind of lifestyle you enjoy ... 🙅🏼‍♀️doesn’t mean you have to give it up to please them.

these examples are their story. the more you keep doing you (and not letting others affect your direction), the stronger sense of self you will have! we’re making a commitment to start honoring ourselves more ... who’s with us? xx #ssssweats

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