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Last day of pitti uomo 93 together with @stenstroms_official 👌🏽 thank you for this time, see you in june!

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I don’t really know what is fashion, one thing i really do want to know is: is it possible to stay timeless?!? . look by @ferreiraeurocustomtailor lapel pin & bracelet by @luisgarciajewellery1961 tie by @giannibotto bracelets by @onyxdesigner & @beamayjewels photo by @orphiclens

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Words can't be taken back. once it's said it's over. so words are like steps. one wrong words can make you fall. learn to keep calm in every situation, no matter if the situation is positive or negative.

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Me creía dios estando al p**o filo.. - @smarttimewatch code: oscarmb

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Četvrta godina iza mene 🙏 hvala @pittimmagine @e_pitti što sam i ove godine bio dio vas ❤ moja misija gotova ( uskoro sve informacije i fotografije na blogu ) sljedeća stanica milano fashion week @cameramoda 🛫🛫🛫 photo : @thestoryalist 📸 partneri : @aldoformalwear @elpatronusa #glasmode #pu93 #pittilivemovie #pittiuomo #josipgrabovac #croatia #sirokibrijeg #mfw #milanofashionweek #milano #gentleman #luxury #mensfashion #sponsored

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Repost from @pitties3 on instagram: “🆘#2nd night listed!!🆘 to be destroyed 01/17/2018💔 publicly #adoptable . hello, my name is johnny…” using @repostregramapp - 🆘#2nd night listed!!🆘 to be destroyed 01/17/2018💔 publicly #adoptable . hello, my name is johnny cash 💙 my animal id is #17537 i am a male black dog at the #manhattan animal care center. the shelter thinks i am about #4years 1 weeks old. i came in as a #stray on 02-jan-2018. #cirdc . we have our very own ‘man in black’ 🤠at the manhattan acc. while he’s not much for singing, this handsome 😍hunk speaks volumes with his #soulful eyes and #affectionate ways. johnny’s a true people dog and (quite literally) not one to take kennel life lying down, so you’ll usually find him right up front and ready to go. i’ve even caught him smooshed against the door😗, luxuriating in a side massage💓 from a passing admirer! #easily leashed and ready to follow wherever it is you’re heading, johnny walks the line like a #gentleman, taking his time sniffing all around and #greeting other pups of every size with #friendly good manners, even the not-so-friendly little ones! he enjoys treats and mouths them #gently from my hand, plays nicely with toys and excels at exploring and snuggling–talents😍 that he clearly mastered long ago. johnny’s care center fan club is growing by the day, and he 🤩rocked his behavior assessment, too, but what this wandering soul truly longs for is a family to love💗 and a place to call his own🙏🏻. open your heart today, johnny cash is ready to come home. . ***consider #fostering, all expenses paid for. 🙏🏻email if you're local to ny/ne usa & can #adopt/#foster this pet.

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Real causal evening (as in the shirt comes untucked🤣) i’ve spent my day helping others get to where they need to be and now instead of relaxing i’m going to be eating on the go and holding a couple private meetings. i was always told dress how you want to be addressed. that’s why i wear suits and such when i know i don’t have to. my job can be done from the comfort of any home in pajamas but my goal is to become much bigger than that.

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Cortes de pelo y afeitados son algunas de las pocas cosas en general que tomamos muy en serio. descubre este nuevo concepto que traemos a la isla @0295barbershop . . #beard #beardmam #barber #barberlife #barbershop #men #classic #gentleman #barba #bigote #islademargarita #venezuela

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“not today lads, don’t f**k with me. don’t f**k with the peaky blinders. he’s coming for you.. he’s part of an organisation of a different dimension...” .. .. (c) photography .. .. (c) model @mr_south_shields .. .. (c) agency @headlinemodelsltd .. .. theme | peaky blinders .. .. #peakyblinders #dark #mood #quotes #quoteoftheday #oldschool #male #malemodel #model #suit #smart #fashion #gent #gentleman #photoshoot #photography #editorial #tv

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Williams new oc! ahahaha xd #oc #mystyle #sketchbook #drawing #gentleman #headred

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This was definitely one of my favorite looks from the inaugural season of @modestgent . navy and burgundy make a killer combo here. throw in some pattern mixing and you are 🔥!

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How to spot quality a good way to spot quality, without having to rely on the salesperson word or the label, is to check the internal sewing. basically, higher quality clothing will have more sewing by inch. now, only the sewing is not enough to indicate quality, but it is a good lead, because if they took good care with something that nobody sees, then they probably took good care of the rest as well. como perceber qualidade uma boa maneira de ver a qualidade de uma roupa é olhar sua costura interna. basicamente, quanto mais costuras por cm, melhor é a qualidade da peça. note, entretanto, que apenas a costura não é suficiente como indicador de qualidade, mas já é um bom começo, pois se tomaram cuidado com essa parte que ninguém vê, então provavelmente também tomaram cuidado com o resto.

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Hacemos cortes de cabello clásicos, nos gusta vivir el rock n 'roll, disfrutamos de las cosas buenas de la vida y, lo más importante, hacemos felices a nuestros clientes descubre este nuevo concepto que traemos a la isla @0295barbershop . . #beard #beardmam #barber #barberlife #barbershop #men #classic #gentleman #barba #bigote #islademargarita #venezuela

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