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After our seymour gig in september.

hope you're on the mend soon, tony xo

@macfarlaneseth here's a backstage shot, after our play "get stuffed", which was written by mark scharff. this is also about a man and his teddy bear, but was written well before ted (i believe the year it was written was in 2003). every adjudicator, and spectator, has compared this to ted. there are only two things in common with the movies, and the play, but also a lot of differences. we hope to get government funding this year so we can bring our new show "ebbed" to new york. it's about a man named john, and he has to make the toughest decision of his entire life. we will leave the rest up to the audience.
thank you for being a major inspiration. also, watching you sing makes me miss singing on stage.
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