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Had 30 mins to sneak in a workout...kb cleans, swings, and 1 min row. didn’t count rounds; just pushed it as hard as i could. cleans getting a little better? @lilslothacorn

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Circuit saturday: 1. gorilla rows + pushups + renegade rows 2. kb swings 3. trapbar deadlifts + carries 4. med ball slams 5. standing ab wheel roll outs ...then messed around with 6. weighted standing ab wheel roll outs (no idea how heavy the vest was; it was light) 7-8. trapbar deadlifts 365x5 and 315x10. back is slowly getting better since starting @moveu_official. brick by brick. #fixyoshit

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First time messing around with double kettlebell cleans. sometimes doing something heavy is the best teacher...need to hinge more next time

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I may have some meat to grab on to and look like casper the friendly ghost with a farmer's tan but i guarantee you that if there ever is a zombie apocalypse i'm surviving that shit!! #functionalasfuck #220poundsofwhitechocolate

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Trying to keep @jcling_1’s vest warm while he’s gone (loaded to 35lbs). you know it’s always a good idea when you’re planning a workout and you think to yourself “this is probably a bad f**k it.” circuit saturday: 1. pullups and skull crushers 2. plank + rope swings 3. pushups and box jumps 4. trapbar deadlifts + carry 5. afterwards gave 3 plates a ride twice. first time lifting over 2 plates in several months and it felt d**n good. sticking with the higher handles until my mobility improves. focusing more on controlling the eccentric portion. brick by brick. 6-9. when you realize you’re going to need more rest time and that milk was a bad choice

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Mobile monsters.... @jujimufu is the man!!
. #functionalmonster #functionalasfuck #foreverbro

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Circuit saturday: 1. trapbar deadlifts + farmer walks (angle fail) 2. bottoms up kettlebell presses 3. agility ladder footwork 4. med ball slams + battle ropes 5. row machine 150m

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Sorry about my face l**o but i literally couldn’t breathe😓lol guys, i haven’t ever sweat this much in my entire life. striving to be #functionalasfuck thanks to @jilljillicu 😍 after a year consistently in the gym lifting weights and doing basic cardio i decided it was time for a change. these pictures do not do the amount of sweat on my body justice. so day one and 20 mins extra cardio on the stair climber done! excited to see where the next 10 weeks are going to take me 💪🏼

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It’s been a long time since i’ve messed around with step up variations. added a clean every 2 reps for fun. warmed up with sprinter poses on prior sets.

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A couple highlights from the upper body day: 1. bodyweight skull crushers 2. kettlebell curls, a @bwilson1207 special 3. bench 225 3x8 and 185 amrap with 21 reps

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Leg day finishers: bulgarian split squats and banded hammy curls. been throwing more of these in the mix especially since i’m avoiding back squats.

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Well i successfully made it from minnesota to arizona hauling waaaay too much stuff! 😅 happy that me and my fur babies made it safe. my lil travel buddies! 😻
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Dumbbell box step overs är ju det nya nu. bara att haka på💪😎👍 #functionalasfuck #fitness #crossfit #crossfitskövde #tyngre #boxstepovers #aldrigvila #aldrigtröja #tränahårthållkäft #thetrainingplan #fightgonebad #badass #bemoreviking #northernspirit #dothework #trusttheprocess #onedayumay #getwhatyouearn

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Today we learned i am too awkward for contacts... and that once i get them on i see the wrinkles that have been so beautifully blurred up until now.

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Happy birthday to my weird thumb! i'm so proud of you pursuing your dreams you little nerd you! but i'm going to miss you. i maintain. and i'm glad we're so functional. i love you!
#youresohot #functionalasfuck #gate4lyfe #imaintain #loveyou

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