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‬‏‪as long as we both look up to the same sky ‬‏‪your breath is the wind that makes my heart soar like kite

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If you happen to have read my stories earlier today and found it humorous, you already know the answer to my sentiments. to those who haven't seen it or don't quite understand what i was getting at, let me be clear. there's no substitute for hard work, countless hours of practice and dedication to your craft. the price you pay or the gear you use does not make you better at photography. it is the ability to capture a scene well and knowing how to convey that vision through self expression. that beautiful photo you see is the product of many past attempts. failed attempts but the will and determination to push on. to learn from those mistakes and to teach others how to put in the work themselves to be successful. it was never that sony mirrorless, or that canon or nikon full frame. it wasn't even that medium format camera because the best camera is the one you have and the skill you have developed! #weekly_feature .
check out some of the super talented people tagged on this image and enjoy!!

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A moment's insight is sometimes worth a life's experience (oliver wendell holmes, sr.)

golden hour view of a miniature solar system sculpture by a berlin based polish artist alicja kwade at the metropolitan museum of art roof top garden. swipe for a nyc skyline view both pics captured last night.
good morning have a blessed sunday 💕


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@lisaevers you know him as the owner of @rgfislandrecords & amg & @fettywap1738 manager....find out why @dannysu_rgf is making major real estate investments on “hip hop business moves” #streetsoldiers preview tonight #fox5news 10p @beckycartercook @debcheatham @chrismsobel @cheryrosee_ @lorealluchi @_streetsoldiers #fox5ny @fox5ny

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Before i die i want i may not be good enough for anyone but i won't define myself or my existence on this planet by how much other people like me.

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Nyc has so many pretty facades 🌿🌷🍃

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