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Tua graça me basta ❤

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Construida de 1733 a 1785, conta-se que foi construida pelo escravo alforriado chico rei e sua tribo, com o ouro tirado da mina da encardideira. no interior do templo, os quatro altares invocam santa rita, santo antônio noto, são benedito e nossa senhora do carmo.
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#streching 🐕
no hay forma de quitártelo de encima

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Tears of absolute happiness. 😢❤
because.. eh kasi.. basta. i think you can already see it in my eyes. 😅

and yes finally, this is the day na po talaga. (sorry anghaba ng birthday ko.) 😂🎂🥂🍾🎉🎊 #21 this is going to be long. 😊 actually, i told myself i wasn't going to be emotional today and just caption my birthday photo with one simple word, at the most one-liner... 'coz i already post long statuses and captions year-round. 😅 but no to avail apparently. 🤣 i feel like i can write one whole book or a full record album lol to express everything i am feeling right now, everything i have been made to feel. 😊

originally, i wanted my birthday photo to be a jump shot. 'coz you know, i love to jump. i always have that. 😅 feeling ko talaga sa kangaroo ako pinaglihi eh. (where’s the kangaroo emoji?? i demand one, apple and android! 😭😒😂) i was with my best friend lana yesterday afternoon, then with my family na when the clock struck twelve for the birthday salubong. i was planning to do the birthday jump shot outside but i was so exhausted and sleepy and hungry na. 😂 so now, i’m posting my 2018 birthday photo - a selfie 😂 - nope, not one of those photos of mine taken while blowing out candles on cakes from october through january the following year like the previous years. lol it’s this particular photo. i think it already says it all. ❤

all aspects in life have been filled, happiest i've ever been, grateful for everything. birthdays make you contemplate life, appreciate everything and realize how much things have changed for the better. thank you, lord. 💙 and surprises never stop! 😍

always remember. andami daming nagmamahal at nagke-care sayo. your birthday is that one day every year where everyone resurfaces and takes time to greet you on social media or messenger apps, reminding you that you are loved and cared for, even though you rarely see them or hear from them. and they see you as this amazing person that you are. never forget that. there will never be a reason enough to make you sad for long. something or someone always shows up to make everything alright. and you will always always be surrounded by love. ❤💙 #hbdkaye

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To my two bestest wingmen,

you've no idea how happy i was this weekend.
you two reminded me of a very special part of my soul. -- there are brothers born of the same mother.
and then there are those born out of just anywhere; brothers you pick up along the way. brothers given by the spirits of the mountains.

to more mountains, beaches, conspiracies, and dad jokes with the two of you!
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Signing off!

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