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Cake delicious ! ❤😊😋
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Next level prank!😂👏
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Would you take the one on top or bottom?? 😍😍🙌🏾🙌🏾 this is from @habitburgergrill!! i want it all! 😏😏😍

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Hahahah ca réaction est trop drole
n'oubliez pas
d'♥️ aimer ⌨️ commenter et identifier📌 vos amis.
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Omg،الذكي ؟ بيعرف وش يسون ؟😋 | آكتب قمر والي بعدك يكتب ايه او لا
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Gimme s’more of that cookie dŌ bar >> available at the shop all month long!! 🍪🍫

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Poppers de pollo con salsa picante de miel.😍😋
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How do you use your protein powder?

ps. i have a full pancake, proats & gainer shake recipe over n youtube if you are looking for meal ideas (link in bio).

plug over, time for the post. hopefully by now you know that protein quality is highly important when seeking to gain muscle mass. proteins such as whey are digested relatively rapidly, resulting in rapid aminoacidemia, inducing a large rise in mps and thus superior protein synthesis stimulation compared to other proteins (tang et al 2009, reitelseder et al 2011, boirie et al 1997). while whey protein (or any protein powder for that matter) has shown not to be needed once sufficient (>1.6g/day) dietary pro is achieved (herda et al 2013, morton et al 2017), whey can still be a great protein source to include in your diet to make up part of your required daily intake.

however, anecdotally speaking, simply consuming a whey protein shake in 1 sip postworkout without any real “enjoyment” seems like a “waste” of protein. therefore, as we know that there is no real need to rush down to the locker room & down a bland protein shake within 5mins postworkout (unless you trained fasted, then it may be more important), consuming whey protein within a larger ~2hr period postworkout is still suffice to maximise the so called “anabolic window” (kerksick et al 2017) as post exercise induced mps stays elevated for up to 48hrs postworkout, not 5mins lol (phillips et al 1997).

so, instead of having a bland shake which takes 1minute to drink, why not take your time (assuming you have it) & make up a whole meal which includes your whey protein powder in order to help increase satiation & food enjoyment (de graaf 2012).

so here are 8 recipes that involve the use of your protein powder that are most definitely tastier than a shake on its own. as always, link to the recipe book is in the bio for another 28 protein powder recipes to try out (+ 28 whole food recipes).

comment below which is your favourite or if i missed out on any?

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Daily hair tips ,😍❤️ tag your friends💬
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Dessert time!

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Taco time!🌮🌮 nueva receta en 🌶 increíbles tacos de coliflor al chipotle 👏 súper fáciles, baratos y deliciosos. cuáles son tus tacos preferidos para preparar en casa? estos están apunto de entrar a nuestros favoritos⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

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This triple berry kale salad w/ fresh cut strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, sliced almonds, and feta cheese accompanied with citrus poppyseed dressing and homemade french onion soup at @hopunionpub is all the rage! 👅
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Be a mermaid and make waves🌊

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Tranqui... 🍠 #batatafrita #yummy #food #rico #yums

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Oven roasted whole trout served on sautéed wild mushrooms and spinach accompanied by new potatoes 😏🐟 #food #foodporn #foodie #yummy #foodgasm #nom #hungry #cleaneating #healthy #unhealthy #delish #restaurant #isleofwight #iow #newport #cowes #eastcowes #marina #yacht #sailing #waterside #treatyoself

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How to end my series of posts about greece without mentioning the food 🥘
greek cuisine refers to the mediterranean🌊 so seafood is in excess🤤
the best one @morgan_elina and i have tried was at the kapsouli restaurant (shrimps🍤 in garlic sauce, paella, risotto with mussels and many others) interesting that there the wine is not served in bottles, but in pinkish tins.
among the garnishes the most popular are rice🍚 , pasta🍝 and fried potato 🥔 . another ones are not served anywhere.
simple greek salad🥗 with tomatoes 🍅, cucumbers 🥒, bell peppers🌶 and an olive oil is very popular.
cocktails🍸 (as well as tea) are not so common. the most of the bars serves coffee in all variations, ouzo and tsipuro (traditional greek alcoholic drinks). ouzo reminded me sambuca, while tsipuro is similar to vodka. in komotini people drink a lot of beer🍺 of a certain brand “virgina” because they support their local manufacturer.
oh, one more thing, when you go to the bar, tavern or restaurant the first thing the waitress brings you it’s a big jug/bottle of frozen water + a bucket of ice💧 that’s a necessity for their climate 🤷🏼‍♀️
the sweetest things i tried were waffles with white and milk chocolate🍫 with nuts🌰, oreo and kinder flavor😱 at the @chillboxkomotini and chocolate and strawberries 🍓 pancakes at the @scarletbarkomotini
what i brought home from greece 🇬🇷: ✔️olives and olive oil
✔️feta cheese (omg, i’ve never tried this one more tasty than there)
✔️ouzo and tsipuro (just to show the difference from ukrainian alcohol😂🙈)

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