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It’s friday!!!!! but we have good news: you can enjoy your weekend without going completely off your #healthyeating plan- we have delicious roasted veggies, like our roasted mushrooms with brown butter, parmigiana and parsley 🤤 #eathealthybehappy #roastedveggies #weekendloading #viafornopizza #notjustpizza

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Fresh fruit season is my favorite season. before we went tiny i was wondering how much counter space we would have for watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapples, plums and peaches this summer. i also wondered if we would have enough fridge space to hold these ceramic berry baskets. very happy to report that we have plenty of room for all the fresh fruit in our tiny house 🍍🍉🍑🍈🍓 tyler and i both have a sweet tooth so snacking on fruit is such an easy way to get sugar straight from mother nature. the best trick i’ve learned is to wash your produce right after you bring it home from the store or farmers market (we use thieves fruit and veggie wash to get the gross stuff off) and then put it in a container like these berry boxes! then you have fresh, washed produce to snack on anytime. i got these berry boxes from @crateandbarrel but i’m sure you can find them anywhere! now tell me, what is your favorite fresh fruit??

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#followfriday escape the day-to-day and feel the wind in your hair, if only for a little while. follow @hinckleysportboats for more.

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