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We are bunnies and we do what we want! 😎👊 bunny mug from @foreverybunny

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Tonight’s plan: (hedge)hogging all of the covers // tag someone who can relate

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Roses are grey. violets are grey. everything is grey because i'm a dog. .. .. .. #goldendoodle #dog #funnydog #goldendoodlepuppy #fluffypack

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I luv interactive toys and dis one from my new @pupbox has me stumped!! how do i get the treats outta there?!🐢

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Someone should be very hungry😱😁😄 * * video from @youtube #zoobeauval @zoobeauval

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Do we look like beauty pageant kids to you beth!? sure, if there’s worst farts & biggest underbite categories... 🏆 we’re so excited to have been invited to @thedogloversshow melbourne, we’ll be on stage at 1:00pm everyday with our rescue gang mates!!! we’d love to see you there, come say hi and tell beth we look like wagyu beef types not health muffin show dogs!

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George q. basset reporting for winter #bassethound

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Ask me how happy i was about this #soggydoggy

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I like to explore the snow!

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Barking to the beat of my own woof 🕺🏼#doyouboo #liveyourbestlife

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Now accepting modeling contract offers...

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#wcw is mom because she somehow stays strong enough so she can cuddle me extra hard

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Throw the ball please?

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Clean peanz gets to lay on daddy’s pillow and a fresh pile of laundry ☺️ #sorrynotsorry #sofreshandsoclean

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Can you spot me? i'm trying to hide from mama so she won't notice i'm in the elevator with her to go to work 😂

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Follow (@animal4loves ) for more cute animals 🐾❤️ we don't own any photos ❌

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When you play so hard during the day, you try to raise the roof in your sleep 😂☝🏻💤

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