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Hoooowdy from atx! truly nothing i love more than sipping on coffee with a good view & some music on, and that’s exactly what i did this morning 🙌🏽
even after just 24 hours of being completely alone, i feel my mind quieting down. solo trips allow me the space and time to reflect on the current season of my life. they give me the push to make more mindful choices when i return home. i feel so grateful to be exploring a new city, alone and confident!
now i’m going to go do some more reflection over a big a*s plate of pancakes & french toast! and pizza for lunch! and ice cream, definitely ice cream. have a wonderful day, friends! peep my story for all the travel updates ✈️✌🏽

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Enthusiasm •.
is the root of all good things.
you only lose energy when life becomes full in your mind. your mind gets bored & therefore tired of doing nothing.
get interested in something! find something that excites you!. get absolutely enthralled in something.
get out of yourself. be somebody. do something. the more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have.
enthusiasm moves the world & nothing great was achieved without it.
so rise up , find something you’re passionate about, go at it full speed & attack it with enthusiasm. enthusiasm in contagious- share it with the world 🖤.
happy saturday babies! whatever you do today, do it enthusiastically. give it your all.

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Honestly this hasn’t been the best week. but i know that those moments, those feelings won’t last forever. life is d**n hard. but i’m showing life how strong i am! knock me down nine times, i’ll get up ten. really trying to focus on all the positives in life and getting my mindset right. there is always something to be happy about! just sharing so if you’re going through hard times right now just know the rain has to stop eventually!!!
**butttt, on an exciting note, these little leggies squated 145 today! slowly getting back into squatting heavy! #celebratethelittlethings #legdayisthebestday 🥳
i hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

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Alright now! who knows this to be true? holla back... let’s get it folks

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📍the truth about fitness progress📍
when it comes to weight loss many people want instant gratification. they think focusing on speed and the short-term results. instead of burning your self out trying to do everything all at once i would suggest focusing on being consistent over and extended period of time for more sustainable long-term results.
focus on the many forms to measure progress rather then just the scale. for example : measurements, progress photos, how your clothing fits, etc.
if you are regularly killing yourself in the gym and being overly- restrictive with your diet there is a good chance that you will eventually burn out.
taking things slow and steady and being sustainable may not get you the fastest results but in the long-term you will get the same results and be able to keep them forever since you took the time to build habits and systems.
it’s going to be a lot of hard work, and definitely not a cake walk (though you could eat a piece of cake along the way as long as you understand moderation, portion control and calories in vs. calories out).
it’s always easier with a friend, coach or accountability buddy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it alone, it’s just harder that way.
so no matter where you are — or where you want to be — be patient (what other choice do you have?), work hard, sweat often and eat well. you got this, and i believe in you!
follow @jayyrodd_fit for more fitness and diet advice 💪🏽
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✖️keep showing up ✖️
every now and then i get a day where i don’t want to train. for some reason i am down on motivation or like today, i am working through a sickness. in those situations it’s pretty simple you can be a little b***h or get in the gym and work on leveling up.
looking for meal prep sponsorship✏️
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This cut has been amazing. i’ve never truly dieted down to this extent or with this amount of intensity.
i often hear people talking about having s****y moods during their cuts. to be completely honest i haven’t really felt that. if anything, seeing changes in my physique daily is increasing my overall mood and motivation as a whole! less than 2 weeks until the arnold expo and photoshoots w/ the @hardmagnum fam 🔥🔥😈

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