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Weight loss vs. weight gain with middle eastern chicken and turmeric rice. i love how this dish looks, the vibrant colors make it so appetizing. the yellow color comes from the turmeric which not only makes it look wonderful, but also has a number of health benefits that come with it 😎
this recipe will be included in book number 3 which is about 5/6ths of the way finished. i finished my revisions to book 1 yesterday and i’m about 3/4ths of the way done with revisions to book 2. we’re in the home stretch champs. lots of new stuff in the updated copies that i believe make the books much much better. i haven’t decided exactly how i’m going to distribute the revised copies but expect an email to either an attachment or download link soon!! .
it’s fairly easy to see the difference here in these pictures. there is absolutely nothing different in terms of the food composition, just the amounts. if you want to lose weight or gain weight you need to determine your relationship to calorie balance. you will not be successful if you don’t get this right. you don’t have to count calories to do this, but it certainly helps. if you are curious where your number is, i have a story highlight on my page called “calorie intake” that will help you gather an estimate. outside of a lab this is the best we can do and experimentation is necessary to get the most accurate value. .
if your goal is to improve body composition in either direction and you are not lifting weights, you are doing yourself a massive disservice. resistance training is the 2nd best thing you can do for changing body composition behind achieving the correct state of calorie balance!! not only will it help you in increasing lean body mass but it is also incredibly healthy for you to do. .
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Daily fitness inspiration ✖️ @athletic.muscle
this is tiffany and she is cancer survivor. the care and love of her loved ones helped her defeat cancer! now she lives a full and happy life ❤️️️️

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Killer glute pump 😍🍑
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i did these two supersets tonight to start my workout and wowowowow my glutes literally felt swollen after doing just these 😂🙌🏼 so of course i needed to share this with you all 👯‍♀️ .
1️⃣superset: hip thrusts (explode up, hold for 3 seconds at the top, then slowlyyyy lower down)
2️⃣into: single leg banded glute bridges
3️⃣superset: split lunges (i did just the bar because my lower back injury has been flaring up 😩 but usually id add some weight)
4️⃣into: frog raises (squeeze at the top)
@brettstir 🎥💕
top,hat- @justpeachi
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That face when someone tells you fall/winter is for bulking...
naw fam, we out here cutting away ✂️✂️

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Happy monday!! a little sad the weekend is over cause it was def a good one😎 but at the same time, i’m so ready to get back into my routine and crush this week👊🏼.

i didn’t workout saturday like i usually do, and i didn’t make up for it on sunday either🤷🏼‍♀️ i know in the past, i would of freaked out if i missed a workout, especially if i went out and had some extra calories. i would of made sure to get my 🍑 in the gym asap and probs would of added in some extra cardio too.

well sometimes ya just have to live in the moment fam😜 i knew if i worked out yesterday my lift would of been💩. i went to bed at 4:30am and got less than 5 hours of sleep. also, i wanted to spend as much time with my sister👯‍♀️ that i could, and still be able to get caught up on all my shizz that i didn’t do over the weekend.

so what i am trying to say, is missing a workout isn’t going to derail all your progress. be freakin spontaneous my friends!!! definitely something i’m working on myself. life is too short to miss out on memories!!!

wow this was hella long, but that’s all from me friends! happy monday! let’s slay the week😎🔥

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Hit so many pr’s during today’s full body sesh! stronger everyday 💪🏼 i have never gotten 70lbs up before; i was so hyped that i did my happy dance right after that set! i remember thinking that i would never be as strong as i am now. little did i know that in 1 year i would be making incredible strength gains😆
the moral of the story is believe in yourself! you are so much stronger then you think.. unlock you’re true potential by being your #1 fan and getting after what you want!! #iam1stphorm #1stphormathletesearch

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Let’s go monday 👊🏼 busy week ahead but feeling good after a fun weekend with the fam! what do you do to jumpstart your week? i like to get in a good workout and xl cup of cuban coffee ☕️🙌🏼 for workouts, i love running, dance, and yoga but looking to try something new to stay motivated through the holiday season! comment below and lmk what workouts are working for you and what you think i need to try next pls! xx

dream jumper by @marissawebbnyc
swipe right 👉🏼 to see the full look!

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“things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” #justmove #tbt .
🎶: @kendricklamar - i

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🍑want a fit, sweet, sexy booty? then you’ve got to work on it. .
🍑ok first, let’s get one thing straight, your glutes, yeah, they’re always firing. unless there is some neurological deficit, your glutes are always working. .
the glute test:
✅ sit on a bench
✅ place your arms out front of you ✅ stand
🍑if you stood up, your glutes work. the end.
🍑now, if you want to make sure they’re working symmetrically (and look super hot in tight jeans) then start doing unilateral glute specific work.
🍑the drawback of most unilateral glute work is that most of it doesn’t account for the need for external rotation and abduction at the hip itself. .
🍑when you remove that from the equation, you end up recruiting a ton of adductor complex and quad as well as paraspinals (during hip extension). .
🍑here’s a three drill series that’s guaranteed to light up your glutes and make you stronger and faster.
1️⃣ banded single leg rdl
2️⃣ banded back step lunge
3️⃣ monster walk
🍑tag someone to do this🍑
want to learn how to biohack yourself? the smashwerx system has been used all over the planet from professional athletes to soccer moms. step into a pain free life at, or just smash the link in our bio.
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Nous vous attendons nombreux pour le healthy breakfast & fit challenge.
au programme
09h30 - healthy breakfast offert au club.
10h45 - fit challenge

alors rdv le 27 octobre à partir de 9h30 pour une matinée sportive et gourmande.

alors notes vite ce rdv dans ton tel et partages l’info autour de toi.

événement facebook 👇

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🎫if you really want it, you will find a way.
🎗️#absolutenutrition .
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Sütőtökös🎃 fahéjas zabkása🍥 cukor mentes narancsos-étcsokival🍫
egy igazi öszi reggeli🍁🍂 #breakfast #oatmeal #porridge #pumpkin #healthy #healthylife #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #fitfood #fitlife #cleaneating #mutimiteszel #mutimiteszel_fitt #hun_fit_food

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Zivi™ is the fit of fitness | premium apparel engineered for adventure and aesthetics |

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Not been feeling myself lately but on saturday my pal invited me and my wee girl down to her caravan for the day so i decided to straighten my hair and put jeans on and dress up a little, it's amazing even just doing my hair made me feel a little better 😊😊😊 it's such a horrible feeling to feel uncomfortable in your own skin and i still do but trying to make it better xx #ww #wwuk #weekend #weightlosstransformations #weightwatchers #weightlossjourney #wwflex #weightlosstransformation #weightloss #wwinspiration #weightlossprogress #weightwatchersuk #fat2fit #fitmum #fitgirl #fitlife #feelbetter #comfortableinyourownskin

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So true 👌🏻 you never regret going to the gym, just the days where you’re doing nothing & being lazy 😂 i’ve put on 2lbs in around 4 weeks which is nothing, i’ve started back at the gym training harder. i’m not in bad shape at all, i just don’t feel my leanest! but good things come to those who wait ✌🏻

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Wake up. kick ass. repeat 💪🏽
in that order 💯. ___________________________________________________

to oder now dm 📥 us for enquiries. #leoflexfitness

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Buongiorno 😍
nuvola a forma di ❤
lo spettacolo della natura ☁

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