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I am sooo happy to introduce my new feet up trainer. 📌it is made of real basswood and covered with anti bacterial leather. 📌there are different color options. 📌can be shipped all around turkey and abroad. you can find different versions of it around the world but this is designed for me in turkey. here is just a demo of what you can do with it. 😍 will come up with more videos soon 🔜 📍for the details please send an e-mail to . it is 100$ for a limited period of time. don’t miss this chance. 😘 sizi yeni feet up ımla tanıstırmaktan mutluluk duyarım. 😍 📌gerçek ıhlamur ağacından antibakteriyel özel deri kaplı. 📌renk seçenekleri de var. 📌tüm türkiye ve yurtdısına gönderimi mevcut. dünyanın diğer yerlerinde de bulabileceginiz bu aparat türkiye içerisinde cok değerli bir firma tarafından benim adıma yapılmış yeni bir tasarım. bu video yapabilecekleriniz icin ufak bir demo niteliğinde. 🎥. daha pek çok video ile cok yakında karsınıza gelmeye devam edeceğim. 🔜 📍detaylar için ’a mail atmanız yeterli. kısa bir süre tanıtım fiyatı olarak 100 $ . bu fırsatı kacırmayın. 😘 #feetup #feetuptrainer @gununegzersizi #gizemozdem1 🎶 supernova- ansel elgort

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Fit friday challenge!! punch & crunch!👊🏽🔥💪🏽get that core & those guns working. tag a friend to join you, quick & sweaty!🙋🏽😅 happy friday!! . challenges, recipes, full hiit plan, & full beginner plan all coming to my app very soon, i’m working hard this weekend to get all the pics & videos loaded in so it can hopefully be ready for next week!🎉 . . top: @forever21 pants: @onnit . . #fitfriday #challenge #fitchallenge #quickandeffective #quicksweatsesh #coreworkout #core #coreburner #coreburner #arms #gunshow💪 #friyay #fridaymood #fridayworkout #getitdone #howtoburncalories #howtogetabs #fithealthyworkouts #fitgirlvideos #homeexercises #mytrainercarmen

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Legs and glutesss on a sunday! need to spice things up with your glute training? 🙋🏼‍♀️ try these from my new program and be prepared for glute death 😂🙏🏼 here's a few pointers on these exercises 💡 . activation superset: 1️⃣ resistance abductor, 15 reps keep your b**t on the bench, slightly lean forward to put more tension on the glutes. 2️⃣ abductor to jump squat, 10 reps this should be an explosive movement! avoid using momentum with your upper body and let your glutes do the jump. . superset: 3️⃣ plate rdl, 10 reps stimulates the hamstrings and glutes before heavy lifting! keep your head looking down, avoid locking your knees and speeding through the reps. 4️⃣ sumo deadlift, 8 reps feet wider than hip width apart and toes slightly turned out. . program launch is live at 1 pm tomorrow ✔️

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Just an ordinary saturday morning. making them work for breakfast. 🥊 have a beautiful weekend my friends! make it great! have some fun💕 #thefitnestkids

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Be present in your life. be in the now because the future is never for certain ❤️ . . i call this drop the corkscrew special 👑 . . performing for a benefit for one of students who was in a terrible car accident. who after 4 major surgeries is relearning how to do everything again.

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🔟 minutes of flowing 4️⃣ real-time videos to show how slow i move (and why i speed my vids up so much!) 3️⃣ how many repeats of a movement i like to do when it calls to me (chaturanga press-ups to childs pose, triangle to reverse triangle) 2️⃣ cute (and chatty) cats, obviously 1️⃣ husband cooking in the background also making lots of noise 😂 . #yoga #yogaflow #realtimeyoga #vinyasa

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Sunday funday 🎥⚡️#stairsworkout una rutina rápida, para hacer en escaleras! fortalecer piernas y activar nuestro metabolismo 🔥#noexcuses entre 3 a 4 rondas ✔️ entre 30 a 40 segundos por ejercicio 🏋🏻‍♀️ song: the mack - fetty wap, mark morrison . • • • @herbalifelatino @nikewomen

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20mins of flowing in the sunshine (sunshine, in london, in february, say whhhaaattt?! ☀️😀) while my lunch cooked. with lots of #realtime segments after the speedy version, and lots of zeppelin shouting at me to let him into the garden! yoga really can fit into the time, the space, the life you have. it doesn’t have to look like a class or what you see from the one-hand-handstand-contortion lot you see here on instagram. sure, that is them practicing their practice, and all power to them. but the power comes in finding your practice. even if it does come to an end as soon as the oven timer goes off and @gemcwade’s aubergine polpette are ready for you to scarf down 🤤 . ps you’ll see me real-time headstand pike press and crow hold in the later videos. there are a just a handful of spaces left at my arm-balance and inversion workshop next sunday feb 25th. click the link in my bio to sign-up

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Who’s ready for the week ahead? 😁😬🙋🏾‍♀️lets get into it! 🙌🏾hard work • dedication 💪🏾 . visit 🔺🔺🔺 🔺🔺🔺for workout guides... 🔺🔺🔺 . music: 🎧 - "look alive" - @blocboy_jb ft. @champagnepapi . #watchmework #nike #nikewomen #thebodyreligionapparel #fithealthyworkouts #wshhfitness #fitgirlvideos #hiit #homeexercises #gluteactivation #hiitworkout #blackgirlmagic #legday #bootyworkout #blackgirlsworkout #bodybuilding #fitnessmotivation #fitnessmodel #bootybuilding #fitness #fitnessfreak

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Slow movement to this beautiful cover 💜💃🏼

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Was feelin myself after a good upper body sesh💪🏼👊🏼 starting to see more muscle definition! what’s your fav body part to train? leave an emoji for the upper body-😈-or lower the body-🍑- i’ll post the full workout later. @gym_videos @gainzvillle @gymglutes @bodyofmuscle #shredded_academy @bodyofmuscle #buttworkout @squatguide #squatguide #gymgirlvids @gymadvice #gymadvice #gym_videos @popsugarfitness #popsugarfitness #fitgirlvideos @girlyexercises #girlyexercises @squatadvice #squatadvice @squatvideos #squatvideos @fitnessgirlsmotivation @legs #fitnessgirlsmotivation @topbootyworkers @glutes @worldstar #topbootyworkers #motivationforsquats#worldstar#gymglutes#nike#glutes#спорт#спортзал#iifymgirls#gymlooks#squatpage#iifym#squatbooty#fitfam#wshhfitness#bootybuilding#gymrat#squatbooty

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Regrann from @fitgirlvideos - happy leg day at the beach 👏😍 super impressive! 💞 #energy #fitgirlvideos #strength #beachworkout #beautiful #wow @demibagby 💋

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New workout video post! earlier that day, we hiked/jogged 8 miles 💀 and so when we got to @lifetimevegas we were already exhausted! instead of a full back and bicep workout, we put this one together and got in and out within 30 min 👌🏽 make sure to keep your rest times no longer than 30-45 sec and hustle!

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Yoga. i have come to love and crave it. many of you may roll your eyes and think it’s s****d and boring and i get that because i used to be there. but i challenge you to try it 2-3 days a week for a month and see if you change your mind. why? here are some of the benefits: 🧘‍♀️great form of active recovery to aid in reducing soreness and increasing blood flow 🧘‍♀️improves kinesthetic body awareness, postural control, and balance 🧘‍♀️addresses active mobility and passive flexibility 🧘‍♀️teaches you how to breeeeathe in all parts of your body through relaxing recovery work and energizing flows 🧘‍♀️leads to crazy body weight strength (look up some handstand presses and inversions and whatnot and tell me that’s not impressive) 🧘‍♀️fosters a non competitive environment amidst our world of always seeking victory, calories burned, reps completed, etc 🧘‍♀️improves posture 🧘‍♀️helps with emotions, anxiety, relaxation 🧘‍♀️may help decrease risk of injury 🧘‍♀️drains lymph and boosts immunity 🧘‍♀️may help improve sleep by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system 🧘‍♀️can ease digestive symptoms through all those twisting poses 🧘‍♀️mood boosting fo sho my mind and body continue to be transformed by it. i have a long ways to go and it will never be my “one and only” thing i do but i’m excited to continue to incorporate it into my life of movement.

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🦍 ph old school abs

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Belly f*t got you down❓ 😞 - ✔️ want to fit better into your clothes❓ 👗 ✔️ want to feel sexier & more confident❓ 👙 ✔️ want to have lessen the risk of having a s****e & heart disease❓ 💗 - 🆓 free flat tummy guide 💯 ➡️ tap link in bio: @fatburnnation - burning belly f*t is not magic 🔮 discover 5 simple tips for a flatter belly❗ - follow @fatburnnation follow @fatburnnation follow @fatburnnation

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Monday morning workout with my girl, jess! #legday . . 4x12 wide stance leg press 4x12 narrow stance leg press 4x30 barbell walking lunges 4x15 cable b**t kickbacks 4x15 weighted sumo squat . . i will be launching a new course on how to overcome blocks and how to shift your mindset in order to create real, lasting results for your ultimate weight loss goals very soon! stay tuned! . . #fitnessjourney #workoutvideos #legworkout #mindsetshift #weightlossgoals #changeyourmindchangeyourlife

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Beautiful @homebodysculpt wearing “confort leggings/ color: camuflagem“ ・・ hey my loves, we are on our way home from a weekend with family 💙💙 all the action my cheeks will be getting today are 6 hours on this car seat during our drive but that shouldn’t stop you from getting a little sunday sculpt on! this was the second half of my leg day workout (see prior post for part 1) but these moves will burn like crazy as their own workout (move 5 in particular = cheek massacre 😭🍑💀) give it a go and let me know if you felt the burn! 🔥🔥👊🏽 #hbsculptglutes *bands: @thexbands *leggings: @cls_sportswear ——- complete 3-4 rounds **double bands in certain moves are optional for extra challenge** 1️⃣bent over abduction lifts (15x each side) 👉🏽you only need a light band to feel these, and bodyweight will burn plenty (just add more reps as needed). try not to swing the leg using momentum, use your glutes to lift with control and exhale/cinch your abs with every lift — 🍑seated abduction series 👉🏽perform these on the edge of your sofa or a low bench 👉🏽perform moves 2&3 on same side then switch 2️⃣single leg abduction (12x) 👉🏽sit tall in your seat and engage your core. keeping one foot stationary as an anchor, move the other leg out to the side by squeezing into the side of your seat. 👉🏽with each press out, exhale and cinch the abs 👉🏽don’t allow yourself to lean back and “lounge” as you perform these 🙅🏻‍♀️ you may feel more activation by leaning forward and pressing hands into a support in front of you 3️⃣single leg abduction pulses (not shown; 20x) 👉🏽keep the leg pressed out from move 2, then press the knee out one inch further in small pulses 4️⃣double leg abduction pulses (20x) 👉🏽press legs apart until you feel a challenging tension, then press both knees out against your band 5️⃣chair tap pulse to squat jump (to failure) 👉🏽these destroyed me! briefly tap b**t to your bench, lift up one inch, tap b**t down once more, then explode into a squat jump —— 🍑perform moves 6-8 on the same side then switch 6️⃣turnout straight leg kick back (12x) 7️⃣turnout bend & extend (12x) 👉🏽try not to let the knee drop! 8️⃣turnout bent knee pulses (20x)

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° ° try out this ab killer in your next training session or on their own. #nogymnoproblem .. grab your broomstick my fellow brujas.👣🌙🔮 ° ° x 6-12 reps of each. keep em even. 🚫not recommended if you have low back problems or pain ..since your hip flexors may already be over firing.🛇 ✅must be efficient in planking, finding neutral spine, and having good control of the your pelvic tilting action before attempting!✅ ° ° #fitnessaddict #fitnesslifestyle #flexibility #fitspo #trainer #coach #vancouverpersonaltraining #homeworkout #lifestretch #flexibility #wellness #health #abs #coreworkout #fitgirlvideos #instafit #traininsane #vnft #vancouver #play #fitness #dowelworkout #backhealth #posture #mindfulmovement #yogaeveryday #joga #corestrength

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For the love of burpees💜🙆🏽‍♀️ burpees anywhere at anytime, cause why not??!!💁🏽‍♀️💪🏽 @daaboaoun @movement.fp #myclientsthinkimcrazy #dontfall #letsgetphysicalwpg #winterworkout

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After a week or two of migraines on migraines on migraines, i’m back! had my heavy lifting day yesterday. taped my 4x2x210lb squats and then my phone died since i’m the worst at charging it 🤦🏼‍♀️. hope everyone had a good weekend!

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Adding these moves in intervals will help you build muscle, improve heart health, and strengthen your core and stabilizers; as well as increase your endurance. you don't need a gym! the garage 👆 or backyard will do... have room in your living room, why not? . . learning to control the mind is one thing. learning to control your body is another. consistensisty is the key 🗝 . . #calisthenics #fittfam #mentalpower #handstands #stability #pushup #workout #fitness #trainhard #traininsane #fitgirlvideos #coretraining #gym #acro #abs #workout #bemorehuman #mobility #handstand #glutes #alldayeveryday #inversionjunkie #flexiblity #homegym #strengthandagility #homeworkout #idlife

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