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When you walk away from the convo acting like you don’t care but you hear him say “can we go eat” under his breath 😩😩😩💪🏽 @fitarts

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Beautiful @gabimendozza wearing 👖trance textured leggings/ color:pasion/ booty: scrunch butt/ length: long/ waist: high waist🍑
booty day 🍑🍑 first exercise: hex bar squats
•focus on pushing through your heels and keeping your knees from caving in.
second exercise: glute and hamstring hip thrusts •if your gym doesn’t have this machine you can do it with a barbell or with the leg extension machine. focus on pushing through your heels.
third exercise: glute kickbacks •you can also do this with just a resistance band but i wanted to add some weight to this exercise so i did it on the leg extension machine
fourth exercise: side glute press
• i used the glute kickback machine but turned my body sideways to target my side glute (hip dips) you can also use a standard leg press machine to hit your side glute.
fifth exercise: kneeling hip t****t •if you have problems feeling your glutes during hip t****t try this variation! squeeze your glutes from the bottom all the way to the top!
all exercises were 4x 15-20
save this and give it a try babes!🍑
wearing @cls_sportswear leggings

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Don't have equipment available? here's body weight workout you can do anywhere.
💪do 30 seconds to a minute of each move and repeat for 4-5 rounds.
tag your fit friends and let me know if you give it a try!
. 🔥also, if you’ve felt great results from doing these workouts, you should check out my strongher program! i've designed these workouts to give you the best combination of exercises for maximum results!
✅registration is now open for october, and you can click the link in my bio to sign up. we will start on monday the 1st.
i can't wait to work with you!

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Direnç bandıyla üst gövde (kol,omuz,sırt) çalışmak isteyenler buraya👆 her hareket için tekrar sayılarını seviyenize göre belirleyebilirsiniz. (10,12,15,20) en az 3 set😚 sırt ağrılarına, tuz dökerken sallanan kollara, düşük omuzlara son✋️ haydii bakalım çalışan kazansın elması kızarsın🍎 .
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Side b***y moves (except the second one, it builds upper and lifts lower glute muscles) i like to superset smith glute kickbacks with sumo stance leg press 4x12 ea. try these out!
bands @thexbands tanya15
leggings @cls_sportswear tanya to save
these are hawaii comfort - mild scrunch
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Fit frenchie women
💪 fitness 💪
🍴food 🍲
♻ healthy 💚
💖follow me 💖 @fit_femme_france

credit @johanna_mhb

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Check out @pusheroes for awesome motivational content!💪🏽
#throwbackthursday want a better booty? do your deadlifts! 😅👍🏽💪🏽🍑and please don't neglect that squeeze.
1️⃣sumo stance deadlifts
2️⃣standard stance
3️⃣narrow stance
4️⃣single leg (foot touching)
5️⃣single leg (foot elevated whole time) .
aim for 10-12 solid reps & 3 sets😅👍🏽
leggings: @blessedbodywear .
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credit @mytrainercarmen
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People ask me how do i enjoy cardio as much as i do, well it's because i'm continuously switching it up and doing something different. to be honest i hate running on the treadmill or using the elliptical and stair master. i get bored easily, it hurts my shins and i'd rather be outside than stairing at a screen counting the calories i burn. at times i tend to get a little obsessive when i stare at the screen thinking d**n that's not enough calories burned or not enough miles ran. so instead, i just focus on how i feel, my energy and how can i excute my workout effectively and efficiently. that way i feel good and get my heart rate up and burn as many calories as possible without focusing on it too much like i use to. i truly enjoy going outside and riding my bike, longboarding, swimming, jump roping and do other physical activities that genuinely make me happy. whole point i'm trying to get at is if you want to be in shape you don't always have to do your cardio on the treadmill/eliptical/stair stepper. get outside, get active and do activities that are you'll enjoy that way you don't have to think about actually doing cardio. #winwithme
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🚨new vip member🚨please help me welcome shay to the family!!! 🔥 this beauty is ready to smash her goals and is ready to become the best version of herself! she is a super mommy, a full time grinder and now a vip member!!! 💃🏾 getting results while saving? you got it!!! i’m excited to coach her on her journey! let’s cheer her on!! ❤️💃🏾🦄🌸🔥💪🏾✨

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Didn't have much time at the gym today bcuz my lazy a*s slept in 🙄 but it was b***y day (god forbid if i miss it) 😬 so i went and just did some glute activation with resistance bands and finished it with cable pull throughs (not videoed) and elevated hip thrusts bcuz those two are a must on b***y day!
alternating side steps
lateral band walks
kick backs
glute bridges
i did 3 sets/15 reps for each
cable pull throughs 3 sets/10 reps
elevated hip thrusts 3 sets/10 reps, which doing them elevated = 🔥 but i'm obsessed! 🙌🏻💪🏻
leggings @gymshark
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나에게 다이어트란 모험같다.
장애물이 너무 많아.
그걸 못넘고 결국 돌아갈 때도 많지만
하나씩 넘어갈 때마다
새로운 나를 발견하게 돼.
그리고 마지막은 항상
최종 목적지라는 희망이 있어.
멈추어 있는다면 힘들지 않았겠지..?
그건 사실이야.
하지만 장애물을 넘을 때마다 기다리는 나
그리고 최종목적지에서 기다리고 있는
누구보다 빛나는 나를 만나고 싶었어.
비록 장애물에 걸려 멀리 멀리 돌아갈지라도
아주 천천히 갈지라도
계속해서 가자 우리.
새로운 내가 기다리는 곳으로
그냥 썩혀두기엔 너무 아깝잖아.
그러니 추석때 많이 먹었다고 자책하지 말고
한 번 또 넘어졌다 생각하고
툭툭 털고 일어나.

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Second part of hamstrings, glutes, calves, shoulders, triceps, biceps, chest, forearms, lower back, abs workout!!! 👌🏽 tag me if you tried!
or come to my 9round kickboxing fitness studio for an awesome whole body workout 🥊 ▪️dumbbell bicep curl (biceps, forearms) 3 sets 15 reps ▪️ab rollout (abs,lower back, shoulders) 3 sets 12 reps ▪️superman (lower back, glutes, hamstrings) 3 sets, 12 reps
▪️scissors crossover kicks (abs) 3 sets, 18 reps

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Fun at 7:30 class 🆘

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Bosu ball work

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💪 fitness 💪
🍴food 🍲
♻ healthy 💚 💖follow me 💖@fit_frenchie_women

credit @chloe_fit_

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💪 fitness 💪
🍴food 🍲
♻ healthy 💚 💖follow me 💖@fit_frenchie_women

credit @chloe_fit_

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Fluidez ✨😍

inspiração em um dos melhores pilateiros ( na minha opinião ☺️ ) @marciopilates adorei muito amigo 😍

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#repost @gymspotter (@get_repost )
there’s a time and a place! 🗣 #spotme #fitnessgirl #fitgirlvideos

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