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Round 7 at texas motor speedway for the @lonestardrift series! this year was a blast since we had a lot more parts on the car and also had a trailer to tow it. it’s still putting down 237whp but maybe we will go with the @sikkymanufacturing swap kit and an ls3 for next year along with ac since i’d love to drive this bad boy on the roads legally! thanks for the media @allie.gautreau and always making the road trips to texas for drift weekend.

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@wyatt5846 leading in his @sikkymanufacturing swapped ls 350z- @s2kier in the middle in his stock 240hp 350z- @sprongstrong following in the rear and putting down 290hp with the @uprev tune! this was round 7 of the @lonestardrift series at our favorite track in texas! thanks for another great event aaron and staff. @connor.nestor @what_a_malone @central_vapors_racing @centralvapors @texas_tubes @that420juandraper @hightimesmagazine @carbynedesign.wheels @heliarc_hustler @zociety_ @miller_welders @corbeauseatsusa @blackriflecoffee @lonestarbeer @_wisefab_ @fealsuspension @mishimoto @z1motorsports

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I guess it’s time to get the cars ready for race weekend out at texas motor speedway this sunday september the 16th after formula drift! come watch us drive in round 7 of the @lonestardrift series in ft. worth, tx! chyuhhh @wyatt5846 @ddr_racing_llc thank you @finalframetv for the media!! @berrymanproducts @central_vapors_racing @central_vapors_racing @hightimesmagazine @texas_tubes @corbeauseatsusa @miller_welders @mishimoto @carbynedesign.wheels

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Texas motor speedway will have a ton of smoke coming from the track september 17th for round 7 of the @lonestardrift series. be sure to come out and watch us rip it up be sure to follow the man behind all these photos - @finalframetv .
@wyatt5846 @teamvansdrift @chandler.oneal @jack_davis_

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It’s almost race weekend at texas motor speedway boys!!!! sunday september 16th after @formulad thursday-saturday! come out & watch @wyatt5846 and myself drive along with @sprongstrong & @ddr_racing_llc & @benhobson213 & @chandler.oneal and whoever else shows up to one of the most badass race tracks we get to drive in @lonestardrift !

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Come watch us drive september 16th at texas motor speedway for round 7 of the @lonestardrift series in fort worth, tx! formula drift & the pros will be in town and competing friday & saturday and is well worth coming out & spectating! come join us for an awesome weekend! thank you for the media @allie.gautreau @central_vapors_racing @centralvapors @carbynedesign.wheels @prismaticpowders @toyotires @tigcolby @miller_welders @zociety_ / @heliarc_hustler @_wisefab_ @fealsuspension @enjukuracing @mishimoto @corbeauseatsusa @getnrg @hightimesmagazine @summitcbdco @greendotlabsboulder @texas_tubes

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Who’s ready to get sideways at texas motor speedway in 2 weeks? i know we are! it’s by far our favorite track and love getting to drive it. thanks @finalframetv for always making us look good! i am pretty sure i went off track and into the danger zone right after this. front bash bar by @heliarc_hustler / @zociety_ . @_wisefab_ & @fealsuspension in stock de motor. @miller_welders assisted @tigcolby with the badass cage. @carbynedesign.wheels powdered with @prismaticpowders and we only bent 1 at the last @lonestardrift / texas motor speedway event. @corbeauseatsusa keeping us nice and snug behind the @getnrg steering wheel. @cyclecenterofdenton head protection! chyuhhhh

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Round 6 of the @lonestardrift series was super sick and we appreciate all the staff that participate to help make these events what they are. here we have @benhobson213 warming up for the pinball competition by working on his chase runs behind 1 of the @central_vapors_racing 254whp 350z! he’s pushing about 650whp with his new lsa supercharger on his @sikkymanufacturing swapped s14 and boy does it rip!! thank you again @tigcolby for the sick roll cage and finding this event for us to compete in. chyuhhhhh photo: sy pham

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@benhobson213 (purple chase car) and i brought up the rear in the train out at round 6 of the @lonestardrift series! this was the pinball edition track where the lead driver could choose any path or route that they wanted to as long as they kept it under 45 seconds but sometimes you get lost in the sauce when you’re making your own recipe and get carried away and stay out there for 2 minutes !! who’s to say we were that guy though? chyuhhhh thanks again @tigcolby for the 1off cage and finding this drift series for us to compete in. @centralvapors @central_vapors_racing @hightimesmagazine @nitrousexpress @asdmotorsports @_wisefab_ @fealsuspension @miller_welders @350znation

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Round 6 of the @lonestardrift series was t*****s for many reasons 1) of them being we got a trailer to drive under and you could choose any path you wanted on this pinball course - that means it wasn’t a conventional drift track with just 1 path which really put drivers to the test and a few people destroyed their cars lol. come join us for round 7 at texas motor speedway september 15th (formula drift) and the 16th (lone star drift)!!! @centralvapors @central_vapors_racing @finalframetv @carbynedesign.wheels @toyotires @fealsuspension @_wisefab_ @heliarc_hustler @zociety_ @miller_welders @vqdfw @350znation @nissan usa @nissan @asdmotorsports @sikkymanufacturing @nitrousexpress

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Round 6 of the @lonestardrift series is this weekend out at mineral wells, tx. this is the pinball event where we will be sliding under a trailer/semi or something wild from what it sounds like!!! get stoked & come watch us drive!!
@central_vapors_racing @finalframetv @berrymanproducts @sikkymanufacturing @nitrousexpress @asdmotorsports @carbynedesign.wheels @heliarc_hustler @zociety_ @toyotires @kendatire @prismaticpowders @miller_welders @tigcolby

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Busting the old race car out for round 6 of the @lonestardrift series this weekend. i know its last minute but i wasn’t planning on evening going until all the homies showed up & got me pumped. round 6 is in mineral wells this weekend if anyone wants to join us and come party!! @fire.x.guy @finalframetv

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Into the storm. #finalframetv

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Friday night lights #finalframetv

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Going into the weekend like... #finalframetv tag rider plz @rivervalleymx

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#tbt @truthondembikes x3 at music city raceway. #finalframetv

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