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Dear newyorkers, i’m glad to announce you the exhibition of some original drawings in the french restaurant @papillesnyc with chef andrea calstier ! and yes, these are available to purchase. enjoy your weekend. kindest from paris
127 east 7th street
new york, ny, 10009
united states
t: 646-850-5345
#nyc #restaurant 🇺🇸
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do not to infringe the intellectual property rights relating to such elements and in particular to reproduce, display, modify, adapt, translate, extract and / or reuse a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part, to the excluding acts necessary for their normal and according to specifications.

frédéric forest owns his work reproduction rights. any reproduction thereof is prohibited and constitutes an infringement to its detriment.

any full or partial reproduction of a work of frédéric forest is strictly prohibited and may constitute unlawful reproduction of a work is liable to be prosecuted for counterfeiting by the rightholder in the work, cf. l.335-2 and following of the code of intellectual property. the sale of a work does not transfer to its owner the right to reproduction and presentation of the work.

no right of exploitation and particularly any commercial use of the rights granted under article 9 of the intellectual property shall be considered as reserved to frédéric forest.

any license a third party will be subject to prior negotiation and agreement with frédéric forest.
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Some more

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"i use detached limbs as a way to talk about the body, rather than a body. i’m interested in how a painting can make a viewer feel something peculiar, like a sliminess or a tingle up one’s spine. i find that painting the full, resolved figure feels too much like painting a portrait of another person; there is a sense of removal or otherness between the viewer and painted figure, and the tingle disappears. disfigured limbs decrease this distance for me; the phantom limb in a painting can be attached to nothing, something unknown, or even a viewer." - sarah slappey @sslappey
join us in conversation as sarah shares with us her fascination with disembodied limbs, the importance of shadows in her work, and where she finds inspiration for her moody lighting. 👉link in bio
thank you for the text and interview to christina nafziger @foxinthecove

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@iiindiiia i hate when corporations use tender language to police us - @instagram who the f**k does your "community guidelines" serve? & what is this lie of "safety" you want me to uphold? what about the death threats my q***r friends and friends of color receive sometimes on the daily via the dm? how many white supremacist accounts are thriving today full of hate speech memes? but none of this solves the problem of how online safety is a slippery f**k that may never truly exist. these empty pillars of morality you strike us with - well they are empty. bring @artwerk6666 back, because she books all of her jobs through this platform and you take away her work by taking away her account #bringartwerk6666back @artxwerk6666 #artwerk6666
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#repost @belginyucelenartist with @get_repost
can rivers stop? in legends they do:
every year on hidrellez, the day when spring starts hizir and ilyas meets in the sky. legend says that at that moment two starts collide. the rivers stop running. if you happen to see all this and make a wish it comes through. the man on the horse is gazing the skies to make a wish. “man and the horse”, bronze @boxheartgallery and @artsy -
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Уф, наконец-то очухалась после отпуска, разгребла накопившиеся бытовизмы и вооружилась пастелью и плёнкой. Натащила с рынка цветов и овощей, - цветы-то ладно, а с овощами сложнее: пока не нарисуешь, не съешь))). Диатипия масляной пастелью, сухая пастель, цветной карандаш, А3

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