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I'm laying on the couch as caleigh sleeps in the hospital bed. typically we would cuddle in the hospital bed, but with a central line in, a port accessed, and a chest tube still draining fluid there is too much risk for a silly mistake. it's okay though, amazingly, i no longer think each night might be one of the last nights we lay together. it's no longer hopeful optimism that we get more time... its starting to feel like a reality. soon enough we'll be in our new apartment laying in our bed embracing the darkness, silence, and one another, which you don't get in a hospital.
from the hospital couch i can see caleigh as she sleeps.. i can see her vitals on the monitor. her spo2 is mid-90s with no supplemental oxygen. before sleeping, her voice was coming back. her appetite was strong. she is game-planning the future and she is fired up. she now has the expectation for more.. not just hope for it.

i'm so excited and so happy. while these past ten days have had highs and extreme lows, all in a things feel good. caleigh continues to triumph any adversity she faces. our team continues ti fight tooth and nail for the best, and we all hope and pray for a chance at normalcy.

right now we're are fighting for a chest tube to be removed and the kidneys to start working. at that point we may get the go ahead for a discharge to home. playing it by ear in the meantime... just doing what we can to be make caleigh as comfortable as possible and support her through this wild ride.

today i was driving to our new place do help move in and i realized it wasn't necessarily the new place that was exciting.. but the drive there. caleigh hasn't been in a car for five months. i can't wait. to be there to reintroduce her to this world.. to drive her through the traffic of la.. to walk in the sunlight and real grass. i can't wait to just do what we want to do.. when we want to do it.

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Mamacita bonita, @lizethhaber1: ((watch first 👀🤗)) hi everyone! this is caleigh’s mom. i wanted to express my thanks for the wonderful birthday videos that came our way! as you all know, caleigh celebrated her 28th birthday at ucla hospital after receiving a second life-saving double lung transplant (we are so grateful to both of caleigh’s donors♻️)!!! this was the perfect surprise filled with love, encouragement and inspiration to continue to fight2breathe!
with everything going on in our lives, we have been living moment by moment, and i, as everyone, have been in survival mode! fighting and fighting for every breath she breathes!
i put together a birthday video compiled of all caleigh’s family and friends (that means each of you!!!) sending words of love and motivation during this new year and new life! i don’t want to leave anyone out! it’s not too late! if you haven’t already please send your birthday love and smiles 🎬 via email to [email protected]! #fight2breathe #cysticfibrosis #65roses #birthdaylove #curecf #doublelungtransplant #thankful #happybirthday #mother #ohchildofmine #motherdaughter o

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Even the strongest person needs to hear they are not alone. caleigh has gone through hell and our encouragement helps. could we do one positive thing today and let her know we care? my wish is all of instagram let her know how much we appreciate all she has done to lift us up and it was not unfounded. just a quick, "you got this caleigh!" on her feed. we are stronger together. @fight2breathe #instagram #holdinghands #strongertogether #instagramcommunity #fight2breathe #goodwishes #loveoneanother #helpingothers

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Bryan, @mr_fight2breathe || (2/2)

while we are back in the icu, we aren't necessarily mad. the ride to here was a bummer but within a few hours of being here, caleigh has decreased in swelling significantly, become much more coherent, received better, more attentive care and feels much more comfortable. while we'll see how things go tomorrow once we get back to the physical activities, we are comfortable now (outside of the great deal of unmanaged pain). the doctors are not sure if it is infection, rejection, conflicting meds, severe anemia, or a blood pressure issue just yet. that said, they were proactive in combating potential acute cellular rejection with high dose steroids and they conducted a bronch and biopsy today and expect results soon.

as of now, caleigh's lungs are cleaned out, her breathing is steadier (although with high flow support), she's stable in the icu, and still fighting this fight with everything she has.

a few things caleigh asked me to mention in this post:
- she reads everything people send her and she is so so appreciative.. so please keep them coming even if she hasn't responded, know she is thinking of you - she trusts the ucla doctors with her life and is endlessly grateful for the stanford doctors getting her where she is today and for teaching her how to become the best patient advocate she can be - she views her first transplant as the bridge necessary to get to the right lungs that will provide her the opportunity to live her best life. she's so thankful for her donor's and wants them, their families, and you all to know she is not giving up this fight anytime soon

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Bryan, @mr_fight2breathe || (1/2)

caleigh: the strongest woman in the world, continues to prove why she holds that title... the highs and lows of post-transplant life are real.
since waking up from transplant, caleigh worked herself off a vent in four hours, was standing within ten hours, walked herself out of the icu in two days, and thanks to her donor, turned 28 years old - talk about a number of highs.
that said, the past 36 hours served as a reminder that o***n transplantation is not a cure, but a remedy for the previous disease that comes with a number of its own nasty side effects.

over the past few days caleigh became more dependent on supplemental oxygen, experienced episodes of muscle convulsions, volatile blood pressures, and fatigue. today much of these came to a head and it resulted in a rushed journey back to the icu.

a few things i learned in this experience:
- doctors do actually run in hospitals (within 45 seconds, there were 8 people in the room helping, 3 of whom were doctors and 2 were charge nurses.. pretty amazing) - the hardest question i've ever had to respond to is, "why is this happening to me?" from my confused wife who is doing everything she possibly can do to survive
- not all icu rooms are made the same... this one is half the size of our last one - caleigh is a total badass

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Improving breathing mechanics with 1 breath at a time. if you improve your posture, it will open up opportunities to improve your respiration rate. #cysticfibrosis #copd #pcd #breathe #posture #ribcage #core #fullbodyworkout #fight2breathe #cffi #trainingagainstcysticfibrosis

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Negative people are going to always have something to say, some people will try to put you down because the truth is it's not that they even hate you it's just that unfortunately they see something in you that you can't see in yourself and as long as you don't see yourself others "won't." i pray that you learn to love yourself and accept yourself and don't let anyone change the way you're supposed to feel about yourself just because they don't understand you... sometimes the closest people to you feel threatened by you and all you can do is continue to stand in love and be yourself don't feel bad for being happy or embracing your own beauty. #fight2breathe #lovealwayswins

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Lorena tiene una historia luminosa e inspiradora. ella es una valiente que ahora disfruta la vida a concho gracias a que recibió un trasplante que le regaló una segunda oportunidad. este año se han perdido 38 trasplantes de 15 donantes efectivos.... si eres donante, haz que tu familia lo sepa! 💗🙏🏻
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Today god allowed me to wake up and kiss my daughter on her cheek and for this i am so grateful. , i must say we are off to a great start for every day is another day another opportunity to love stronger, to learn.. to be alive ... don't spend moments of your days angry or sad.. of course we are human we feel things but we need to understand why instead of focusing on how we're feeling so that we can really make a difference in our own lives and then in the lives of others. i'm not perfect and i don't expect you to be but i get up everyday and i try to be better than i was yesterday and i guess that's what really matters because as long as we are trying we already won. #makeachoice #makeithappen #run #running #training #strongerthanyesterday #nrc #legs #fight2breathe #freeyourself #teamlove #teamhealth #fitness #itsalifestyle #lovealwayswins #inspiration #love #loveyourself #unlimitedfight #nodaysoff #nike #justdoit #pullthroughthemadness

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Tonight is the night!! can’t wait to spend the evening with you all!! #fight2breathe #cysticfibrosis #paintnsip

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