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Pretty awesome day today... golfed at erin hills this morning, then made the drive to milwaukee for game 1 of the nlcs. #itfdb #dodgers #nlcs #erinhills

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Day 1 of #mancation2018. erin hills and blackwolf run meadows. erin hills was ridiculously good. #golf #erinhills #wisconsin

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Future #usopen winner?
📷: @shopsingalila .
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In case anyone did not know, yesterday was unofficially take your grandma to work day or golf at erin hills with her, my dad, uncle and mr. wrasse, another father figure of mine. before the round grandma also gave me the hat grandpa bought at last year’s u.s. open - no doubt he walked the fairways with us yesterday #family #erinhills #golf

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Wish i could stick around to watch my boy dance with erin hills this afternoon. feeling red numbers after his best range session of the week. catching a plane back to florida. #usopen #pgatour #erinhills

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Sometimes you gotta do things like this #bucketlist #erinhills

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#usopen at #erinhills was sick nasty. would highly recommend. 10/10 experience. p.s. not my hat, i just didn't have a golf worthy hat to wear. thanks to @caseyroepke for the hat.

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