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Pronte alla prova costume??🏖️
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No matter what happens, no matter how far you seem to be away from where you want to be, never stop believing that you will make it... 💪🏻💪💪🤜🤛
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Il buonissimo proshape☕
perdere i kg di troppo con gusto e già dopo una sola settimana si può!
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Your client is not impressed by how many words you can fit into your sentence. .
they are more impressed by people who listen to what they are saying and can give them solutions that are inherent in their words. .
listen more than you talk.
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The mind is the most important asset of people, yet it's the cheapest of them all!

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“because of the pain i am strong. because of the struggle i have character most will never know.”

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This one speaks for itself. rise n grind! 👢👑💎

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We were very lucky to be joined by tom uhlhorn, customer experience expert from @tinyhx. students presented their customer research for their startup ideas as part of garage project, helping guide their thinking as they work toward their final pitches. thanks tom!

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