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You know who would love these cookie dough truffles?


make several batches this holiday season to give to your mailman, teachers, co-workers, and don't forget to add some to your own secret stash of holiday goodies!

it's an easy no-bake recipe made with edible cookie dough and rich chocolate!

grab the recipe through the link in my profile!

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Steak frites 🥩🍟 would you like it...?? ♥️

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I’ve been super busy last few days here, so a little late posting! this was my first ever turkish cuisine experience, and i can’t wait to eat it again! the meat platter was soooo good and well priced too. definitely recommend this place 👍🏻. thank you @meatpointca for heavily filling my tummy 🐷

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Back from japan, but still thinking about all this fried chicken from @kfc_japan 🍗🇯🇵

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Quite the spread.👌🏼🤤 #devourpower 📷: @eatmelasvegas
📍: @hattiebs

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Birthday cake ice cream sandwich 🎂🍦
credit: @theboroughbred

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Pastries in paradise ✨ since so many of you asked .. here’s the cinnamon rolls that i was talking about the other day in the bahamas 🤤🤤 i mean honestly - food p**n to the max.

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<viral> spaghetti meatballs is totally delicious. look at the huge meatballs with noodle swirl!! who’s on diet? 🍝🧀
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It’s wing wednesday tomorrow‼️we’re offering $1 wings all day tomorrow at our usc or long beach location only‼️🍗 give all 3 wing flavors a try; buffalo, bourbon-maple-bacon (bmb), and spicy thai peanut. (minimum order 6 wings. 1 flavor option per order.) long beach and usc location only‼️ happy hour at long beach is from 4-7pm on monday-thursday and usc is everyday from 4-6pm! 🍻🍷 #rancespizza 📷: @hangryblogger

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