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This is how you will dance to your miracle this month singing this song ... @eben_rocks 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 #drbadu #praiseandworship #badunation #badulegacy

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It was a night of prayers ! we prayed like never before on the altar of god !! a revival is coming ........ @andrewbawa @ngwcwinnipeg thank you for hosting us .. #drbadu

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Who said the presence of god has left the church? no no no god has called new people and he has placed the spirit of boldness in them to speak his mind ... it was -40 in winnipeg, however the presence of god generated fire 🔥 in the auditorium. my goodness, tonight will be a strange night !!! #drbadu #gatheringofeagles #winniepeg @andrewbawa @ngwcwinnipeg

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Priceless moment at the united nations office in geneva this morning ... i did not know my impact will be this great when i was homeless years ago in london, yet i trusted god through it ... i’m beyond humbled. #drbadu

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I see the anointing of speed falling on you ... receive it , what takes others 5 years will take you 1 year .. it’s called divine speed take it now !! #drbadu #thepreachingmachine #teacheroftheword

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Atlanta are you ready!!!!! 🙌🙌🙌 the papa of @miraclearena the prophet himself dr @prophetdrdanso is coming. oh! what a conference this will be and you can’t even afford to miss a night: 1st - 4th march it is, from thursday to sunday night. visit our website on and register forall the 4 days now. we can’t wait to see you!! #drbadu

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The #rockkids are very special to me so they will not be left out. we have arranged a lot of events for them as well. from a morden hi-tec room to video bible stories. register now at to reserve your seat. see you from the 1st to 4th march at #therocksummit don’t forget to follow @therockhillchurch to recieve live updates .... #drbadu

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The support and love shown to me is overwhelming, and humbling!!! i don’t know if we have enough space. a revival is coming and it will start with the city of atlanta and spread across: no politics, just give me jesus. if you haven't registered please do so now on #therocksummit @therockhillchurch #drbadu #sonniebadu @afrodrums @jimmothyjay @nelsonjonathan @pastorjnelson @therockhillchurch @vashawnmitchell @darwinhobbs @prophetdrdanso @drevansoppong @drmoses_mukwiza @preyeodede @deejonesmusic @jumboane @stevelawrence00

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Atlanta get ready for march 1st to 4th!! the word will be sharp, i just can’t wait !! and oh good lord, the praise and worship 👌👌👌👌 ... register now !! also follow @therockhillchurch for live updates #drbadu #wegodwhail @eben_rocks #sonniebadu #worshipleader #pastor

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Real leaders and champions support their own, they are not selfish and self-centered; they always remember the good you have done. thank you @asamoah_gyan3 we can’t wait to have you here at @therockhillchurch and i know it’s going to be awesome!!!!! #sonniebadu #drbadu #therocksummit

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All nations church ⛪dallas, texas #drbadu a great teacher for god

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There is no shortcut to success. write your vision down and give yourself deadlines. this vision was given to me 10 years ago!!!! i'm glad god deemed me fit and trusted me with another assignment. this house is a house where songs will be birthed, like hillsongs and with the help of god we will raise giants in music!! watchout!!!! #drbadu #sonofapreacherman #sonniebadu #riserulereign

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While god is speaking and releasing mysteries to our generation, the devil is devicing new tactics and channelling all our attention on social media so much that we have less time or no time at all for god, but this year a group of youths will start something on social media for jesus, this will catch fire!!! #drbadu #jesusreigns #sonniebadu #leadpastor #rockhillchurchatl

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God is about to do something with you that will shock the eyes and ears of men .. get ready !! #drbadu #sonniebadu #lifecoach #therocksummit #preachinggrace #teachinggrace #riserulereign

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Happy 2nd anniversary @ngwcwinnipeg this is only the beginning, and to my covenant brother @andrewbawa i appreciate and honor you ... we can’t wait to host you and #johnmaxwell during the leadership summit @therockhillchurch ... it will be fire works!! love you loads #drbadu #sonniebadu @therockhillchurch

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True leaders lead by example. i heard what god told me clearly and so we are building him a temple just as he wants it. i can’t wait for you all to come in and see it .. jesus is the reason we are operating by grace .. it’s time for a true revival. !!! #drbadu atlanta @therockhillchurch @wordandworshipradio #gobalgrace #globalimpact

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And the angels rest not day and night crying holy, holy, holy!!! that moment when the presence of god becomes so thick in the room that we all just burst out give god all the glory !! dallas that super sunday was lit!! #drbadu #revealingjesus #sonniebadu #jesus

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