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A felicidade, a leveza e a ternura andam comigo... 💖💖💖
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Some days i second guess sharing this beautiful girl with the world. i’m the biggest momma bear when it comes to adley grace. there is so many hateful people out there that have so much hurtful things to say. they don’t agree that different is beautiful. then there’s accounts out there that steal pictures of my beautiful daughter and i have all kinds of feelings about that. those days i just want to keep this beautiful smile all to myself! why would i want to share her light with anyone else. then i remember how much life and happiness adley brings. not just to me but to everyone she sees. she can brighten any cloudy day. i see the daily messages of how just one picture can brighten someone’s day and bring a smile to someone’s face. my favorite messages are from new moms that have just discovered their babies diagnosis and are so thankful to see my page. god gave me this beautiful light and i feel as if i need to share some of it with this dark world. the world needs more people like my adley grace in it! i am so blessed and honored to call this beautiful, pure soul my daughter. 💕💕

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Monday has us like... 👵🏼 just joking but seriously this is londynn’s face in at least 75% of our pictures😍 i’m excited for this week! last week was a hard one yet thanks to our family and friends we made it and are super excited to change our perspective on this week!✨💕 don’t forget to go check out our new blog and let us know what you think! #lovecarters

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Can you guess where we’ve been all weekend?? fishing with dad of course!! we came home with the best catch of them all!! 🎣🧡☀️

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I love watching your personality bloom, you’re a cheeky monkey jack ♡ beautiful personalised lovie from @little_pouts
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I’m 8 months old! mommy couldn’t decide on just one bow 😂😜💜

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Sunshine ☀️ and sweetness 💕for you all on this sunday! porch fest, you did not disappoint 🎶 thanks for visiting friend 🤗

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Ayer aprovechamos el 🌞 para dar un largo paseo matutino con mi mamá😄.
qué tal estuvo su fin de semana largo? el mío, redondito!
buenas noches a todos y que tengan una excelente semana corta!😇
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“a flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it- it just blooms.”
we tend to constantly compare ourselves to other people. we want things that other people have, wish we looked different, or that things in our life were like others. my personal struggle with comparison since having easton is comparing his developmental timeline to other children his age. sometimes, i have a hard time seeing other kids his age (or younger) doing things that he can’t do yet. walking has been the hardest. it hurts to see him struggle to accomplish stuff that comes so easily to others - especially a huge milestone like walking.
then i had a lightbulb moment- why am i comparing him to others? he’s not like anyone else. he is simply himself. he will do things when his body is ready, not when i try to will him to. he isn’t comparing himself to others, and i shouldn’t be either. i also don’t want to set the precedence that he should be comparing himself to the people around him. i want him to know how much of an individual he is- how special he is. i want him to just bloom in his own spot, in his own light, on whatever timeline he has for himself- not anyone else’s.
i will continue to soak up these days that he isn’t walking for as long as i can. i will be grateful for the amazing things he can do, and for how much he has already proven the naysayers wrong. i will continue to be his greatest cheerleader, and watch him blossom in his own time. 🌸

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Can’t attend the rockin’ mom retreat in person, but still want to share in the weekend? we now offer a virtual retreat option!
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#historiasdeunamamitaquedejahuellas #relatosquedejanhuellas ... mi historia es la siguiente; me embarace por segunda vez después de 17 años, sorpresa para mi que a los tres meses me dijeron que venían gemelos !!! morí y viví jajaja tú sabes, por la situación en la que vivimos, mi embarazo fue normal hasta la semana 35 desde ahí perdí líquido y me hicieron la cesaría, sorpresa para mi q cuando nació andres dice el doctor tu bebé tiene síndrome de down y quedé como pasmada llore y espere a adolfo para q me dijeran lo mismo llore y llore y lloreeeee pero era porque tenía muchísimo miedo por no saber como tratarlos, educarlos, no sabia nada sobre el síndrome de down, pero los ame igual como si no tuvieran ninguna condición. ahora me siento super afortunada de ser su mamá , y su papá no te puedo decir cuánto los ama 😍. aprendo todos los días con ellos me parece muy bien que estén dando ese tipo de información sobre la terapia de lenguaje pues yo particularmente no tengo donde llevarlos a terapia de lenguaje como te dije antes aquí no hay fundaciones para ellos, para que compartan con otros niños, les tengo una psicopedagoga y yo luego les hago terapias para q caminen. ya dan pasitos, dicen mamá, papá, paul, agua y gracias !! me llenan de amor todos los dias con sus ocurrencias, sólo puedo decir que me siento muy afortunada de ser su mamá y que dios me haya escogido para ellos!! #downsyndrome #sindromededown #lascarasdehuellasdown del #zulia a #caracas #dejandohuellas 👣 #familiahuellasdown #huellasdownvenezuela 💛💙👣🇻🇪

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And with distant lights. another 32 seconds of bliss

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My sister is always camera ready #downsyndrome #bestrong #iloveyou

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Picture of darkness. 32 seconds of bliss.

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May not have worked out as i wanted it to but i had fun trying 🖤💜- good night. •

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For most parents it’s just a question: “how old is your baby?” for a parent with a child with down syndrome, it’s a question that turns my stomach upside down, not knowing how the response is going to turn out. once i explain that lucy is 16 months old but looks like maybe a 6 month old, as she has extremely low muscle tone because she has down syndrome, i usually get a whole range of responses from people. some people smile and talk about how they love people with down syndrome, others don’t really know what to say so they try to change the subject or talk about lucy’s cute features, and others say something to the effect of... “oh i’m so sorry”. with this encounter happening almost weekly it is so hard for me to share with someone in that one quick moment how completely not sorry i am to have this lucy girl in my life. down syndrome is what makes lucy, well...lucy, and boy has she taught me a thing or two about how to live life right. i am lucky to have you miss lucy girl!💛💙💛 #downsyndrome #downsyndromeawareness #joubertsyndrome #downsyndromelove #nothingdownaboutit #congenitalheartdefect #openheartsurgery #zipperclub #heartwarrior #sleepapnea #lowmuscletone #t21 #trisomy21 #theluckyfew #dsdn #upsyndrome #changingthefaceofbeauty #bilateralhearingloss #hearingaids #downmagazine #upwithdown #coolhearingaids #phonak

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Selamat pagi...semangat pagi temans... anyway...
tadi ada yg tanya, untuk siapakah bioglass ini ?

balita, anak-anak, remaja hingga orang dewasa yang mengalami #demam
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siapa saja yang sering mengalami #migrain atau #vertigo
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siapa saja yang sering mengalami #insomnia
anak-anak berkebutuhan khusus seperti #autis, #hiperaktif dan #downsyndrome agar bisa lebih fokus,responsif dan lebih tenang/tidak meledak-ledak

para terapis anak untuk membantu menterapi para pasiennya
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siapa saja yang merasa perlu untuk meningkatkan kualitas #kesehatan nya

para #manula
buat para saudara yang kerabatnya sedang berusaha dalam proses #pemulihan setelah sakit atau bahkan setelah mendapatkan perawatan di rumah sakit agar kondisi fisik lekas fit.

siapa saja yang merada sudah capek mencari obat untuk kesembuhan #penyakitkulit yang lama di derita tak kunjung sirna.

para mantan pecandu #narkoba untuk memulihkan sel-sel otak yang sempat rusak akibat efek samping obat-obatan terlarang

siapa saja yang ingin memelihara #kesehatan dan orang sakit yang belum kunjung sembuh.

info lebih lanjut atau konsultasi, bisa ke wa saya 081572270258


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Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. enzo had a great day yesterday. here are some more pics from the zoo! #downsyndrome #myheartisfull❤️ #boymom💙

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Hi handsome!! missing my little hunk like crazy. today i got on a airplane for the first time since tank was born. we've spent nights away from one another many times... but now i'm in dc...the opposite side of the country. not gonna lie, leaving the house was harder than i had anticipated. that said, landing in dc (a city i love) and traveling again reminds me how much i miss this. traveling used to be a huge part of our lives. we used to hop on a flight any chance we got. i mean, even his nursery is travel themed. some day little dude, we will get you travel safe and set out to explore the world together. ✈✈✈

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Del muro de @malulyoliva.. me identifico tanto con este post! cuando sentía mi corazón roto del dolor de ver tan grave a mi josé maría, cuando sentía que ya no me quedaban lágrimas ni fuerzas para aguantar.. fue cuando más fuerte me volví 💪.. me llene de fortaleza y fe para luchar junto a mi bebé, para que él me sienta a su lado y sienta mi amor y deseos de hacerlo el bebito más feliz y más amado. así fue como pude superar los momentos más tristes de mi vida y verlos como mi mayor bendición. ahora mi corazón que estaba roto se restauró y se llenó de amor y gratitud. ❤️🙏👶🏻>>> #blessedwithalittlesomethingextra #prematuro #sindromededown #trisomia21 #downsyndrome #testimoniodefe #nuestroluchador #nuestroespartano #inclusión #downsyndrome #downsyndromeawareness #downsyndromelove #heartwarrior #downrightperfect #superhero #sindromededown #amordelbueno #homiewithanextrachromie #babyboy #preemie #baby #love #hope #prematurebaby #diversidad #inclusion #prematuro #gyemasinclusivo

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Hola ✌️
después de un rico baño 🚿🛀, me aplicó crema para estar suavecito 😄

buenas noches los pastores 🌜🌃 #sindromededown #downsyndrome #downaddicts #sindromededownconges #t21 #t21rocks #trisomia21 #trisonomy21 #cromosomaextra #masupmenosdown #theluckyfew #nothingdownaboutit #upsindrome

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En mi colegio crear unidos🌈❤️ @crear_unidos 💫en este lugar saben que el proceso de cada persona es diferente y por eso me ayudan a desarrollar mis propias capacidades y a superar grandes obstáculos día a día. inclusión social, deportiva, laboral y artística para todos!!😄 me divierto, aprendo y hago amigos para siempre💜

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