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Pool party 😍 tag someone who love this retriever video. follow @dogmania1 follow @dogmania1 follow @dogmania1 #dogvideos #dogvideosofinstagram #petvideo #petvideos #dogmovie #dogstagram #petcollar by @gffkennel

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We had an amazing time at cannon beach with @goldilocksandthewolf and @light_of_dawn_wolfdogs! my housemate, mike, who has been friends with ivar from the first day he came home more than a year and a half ago, apparently makes for a good headrest when ivar grows weary from running on the beach with his canine friends, and having crowds of passersby gawk at him. he is still bombproof in public, but is very much a “look without touching” kind of woofer when it comes to meeting strangers, preferring to seek out attention from familiar friends on his own terms instead. it’s not common for higher-content wolfdogs to be this relaxed in public, but early socialization can help wolfdogs to become desensitized to big scary things, like construction equipment, car alarms, automatic doors, and large crowds of people. you can learn more about wolfdog socialization at and don’t forget to nab a pair of ivar the wolfdog socks before the holidays! these are limited edition and the sale ends on thanksgiving day! you can find the link to purchase them in our bio. #wolfdog #wolfhybrid #wolf #uppermidcontentwolfdog #midcontentwolfdog #ivartherealwolfdog #malamute #husky #germanshepherd #dogvideos #funnyanimalvideos #funnyanimals

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مامان خانوم خجالتم خوب چيزيه 😒خودت زرت و زرت روسريتو باز ميكني بعد اومدي سرِ من بيچاره كه هنوز به جشن تكليف نرسيدم روسري ميكني؟😑 . . . . . #سگ_بهترین_دوست_بشریت #سگ_بهترین_دوست_انسان #سگ #ناتالي #عروسك #pinscher #minipincher #dog #dogvideos

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Singing 🎤 🎶 happy thanksgiving to everyone from sunny san diego!!! ☀️🌊🏝 i’m thankful for my ig friends! ❤️ what are you thankful for? . will be posting birthday pics soon!!! 🎂

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Thanksgiving day behind the scenes at central bark. the doors may be locked today, but we are a bee hive of activity. we are fully staffed, serving about 120 meals, and picking up a ton of 💩. we hope you're having a wonderful holiday, but we're willing to bet ours is better! . #thanksgiving #gonetothedogs #seattledogs

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He’s lucky he’s cute.... notice the “whine yawn”. he does that when he wants something and excuse the call of the duty in the background. lol. #crybaby #toyundercouch #spoiled #bratdog #bigbaby #whine #callofduty #dogvideos #dogvid #dogvids #dogvideooftheday #dogvideo #worldoflabs #talesofalab #labs_of_insta #dogs #dogoftheday #labradoroftheday #chocolatelaboftheday #chocolatelab

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Lenny's failed attempt at pitching woo to his new friend- aka lady steve 😏🤣 #notimpressed . . #bostonterrier #blackpug #bostonterriercult #bostonterriersofinstagram #dogvideos #barnsdall

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Jake the diamond dog is definitely a good boy @icanteven

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What's better than one noisy toy? two noisy toys at the same time!

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When you try to blend in to make friends with one of the unfriendly members of the family.. only to be snubbed. watch till the end to see the sassinator not falling for the dog meowing trick 😹

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