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Happy h**p day! here’s me looking like a yule log. 🍞❤️

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This hot weather got us like...😴🙈 #cuddlebuddys

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The mother was too afraid to come near him when he went to feed her 😢 . but after giving her some assurance 🐶 she let him touch her .
this man has an amazing page and he feeds helpless animals in whichever way he can . show this man some love ❤
lets not forget the simplest things in life : love , kindness & affection 😇
📹 @amirhosein_hami_heyvanat
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15 января 2019 случилась невероятная трагедия в нашем собачьем мире.
Были расстреляны в лесу три наши чудесные собаки. Едва не пострадал владелец.
Солнечногорский район Московской области (д. Исаково)
Ниже оригинальный пост нашего владельца.
Ведется следствие.
Любая информация по данному случаю будет в помощь
Мягких облачков вам, наши дорогие...

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Frozen puppy 🐶 ❄️

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Check out jack’s photo on my main account @viktoriahaack tonight & you might want to enter the draw for one of my favourite @loweprobags !
here is jack valiantly modelling this floral creation by @crocusfloraldesign. he was such a good boy....nothing we can’t achieve with truck loads of treats!!!! 😅 🍖
#jack_thewolfskin 📷 @viktoriahaack

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We’re on that weekend watch! 👀 #squadgoals .
📸: @thebigdogbus

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