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One of many talking points surrounding this year's halftime show was, of course, maroon 5's frontman adam levine. this was in small part because he took his top off and looked like the above. but pictures from the night brought to mind one of the most iconic, and controversial, halftime performances of all time — that of icon and legend janet jackson.
back in 2004 alongside justin timberlake. however, during their duet, justin ripped away part of janet's top, revealing her n****e for a split second. as a result, although both janet and justin were involved, it was she who "got fined and blacklisted by us radio". twitter doesn't exactly have a short memory, so when people started applauding adam levine's nipples, the double standards debate was born. (📷: getty images)

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It’s taken me a while to post this because, to be quite honest, i’ve been really struggling to bring myself to look at this footage again. i haven’t been able to watch it since that night. i also haven’t been able to find the words to describe what we saw, so i’ve been holding back. but none of that is important, what matters is that they don’t suffer in silence anymore.
the individual you see in this video was left to die on the floor in darkness, totally isolated from the rest. their eyes were full of blood and tears, popping out of their head, moving around like crazy. they had tumours, cuts and open wounds all over their body and they couldn’t move anything apart from their head slightly. can you imagine being left to die like that? totally immobile and in excruciating pain, unable to move towards the water or food, completely and utterly helpless, with no way of fighting for your life or defending yourself.
i’ve never looked into anyone’s eyes before and seen so much fear and pain. i want any non-vegan to look into this pig’s eyes and see the same. because this is where your money goes when you fund the meat industry. your money pays the wages of people who do this to innocent beings.
we all know that the ‘healthy’ animals get shipped off to a slaughterhouse to be murdered for their flesh, but have you ever thought about what happens to the sick ones? they are worth nothing to the meat industry. in fact, they are considered an economic loss, and so are murdered in the cheapest way possible. most of the time their little bodies are smashed on the floor, thrown in the bin, suffocated or in this case left to die a slow and painful death from whatever illness or disease they have. do any of those actions align with your morals? if the answer is no, then please stopping paying for it to happen.
this is what the meat industry doesn’t want you to see. please don’t close your eyes, don’t look away. please do not support this. go vegan.

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For some context, this was tweeted in 2012, when lesbian and g*y people were being kicked out of the military due to their sexualities. this was occurring in the uk and the usa at the time, but it wasn't limited to those countries. starting around this time, lgbt+ rights began to improve, particularly in the us after president obama said he supported the right to marry the same sex. i think it's important that we as a society look back upon events like these to check our progress. this was just a little less than 7 years ago. look how far we've come, here in 2019!! there's still a lot to improve upon, but the lgbt+ rights movement has made some serious change in the world, and that gives me hope for the future:'))
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Depuis des années déjà, plusieurs partis peinent à trouver une banque et même n'en trouvent pas pour financer leur campagne électorale. les #banques dirigent le monde sur tous les plans et nous le subissons de plus en plus.
partenariat avec :
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Please watch! this is how your vote for trump/pence personally affects me as a member of the lgbtq community. thank you @ellenpage for using your voice to speak out. she is talking about @jussiesmollett being attacked the other night...connect the dots. 🏳️‍🌈 .
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Fetishisation of black men by non-black poc & white women

this post is for and in support for black men; black men who are subjected to fetishisation from the non-black community. before i start i acknowledge that black women share the ultimate struggle by being devalued by not only society but also black men too. there is a severe hyper-sexualisation of black men that still exists in society today and society as a collective plays a significant role in aiding this, we subconsciously play into the role of how black men should be perceived. top social stigmas of black men are often linked to aggression and the illustration of s****l prowess. when illustrating and viewing black men as mere sexualised objects, we in the long term dehumanise them and degrade them. the media plays a substantial role in the portrayal of continuing the racial stigmas which are blatantly racist. after jordan peele’s get out ( a film that depicts anti-blackness) was released, amy schumer made a ‘joke’ that reinforces the racist stereotypes of black men, stating that a black man's phallus endangers white women, which is a known stereotype that many reinforce and continue to use. not to also mention how certain instagram influencers fetishise or have a ‘preference’ for black athletes. which brings me to the discussion of the differentiation between preference and fetishisation, time is a big factor are you only liking black men because it’s a current trend? is this a short-term gain for you? do you care about the struggles that the black community have and accept it’s a separate issue ( recognising your own power and privilege)? are you only dating black men while not being black? ( dating your race isn’t fetishisation ) do you like black men because of its an aesthetic? that you only like them because of their physical features and you want to use them as breeding tools for creating mixed raced kids? as an asian female, i have witnessed asian girls who have changed their ‘preference’ to cause rebellion within the family. to explain it briefly in the asian community dating a black man is deemed to bring shame to the family and society itself, asian parents will force the idea that

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🤦‍♀️uyghur melikisi chaza tekshürüshte.
🤦‍♀️uyghur princess on checkpoint.
🤦‍♀️Уйгурская принцесса на контрольно-пропускном пункте.


hetta alem cholpanliri xkp üchün hëch qimmetlik emes. uyghur top modël we artis dilraba dilmuratning kichik chazida wijdansiz tekshürüshtin ötüsh peyti. kommunistlar pütünley uyatsiz bichariler.

even world stars for the vile ccp no matter. uyghur top model and actress dilraba dilmurat passes a pass with humiliating checks. the communists completely lost their conscience.

Даже звезды мировой Величины в глазах КПК всего лишь воздух. Уйгурская топ модель и актриса Дильраба Дильмурат, тоже проходит пропуск с унизительными проверками. Коммунисты совсем потеряли совесть.

#saveuyghur #sherqiytürkistan
#eastturkestan #ВосточныйТуркестан #uyghurstan #Уйгурстан #uyghur #uighur #dilrabadilmurat

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