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[image description: tweet by becky martin, twitter handle: "@.beckyannmartin" replying to "@mrnickharvey" says, "shocking and damaging ignorance. a woman pointed at my autistic son on a restaurant & said 'he's the reason kids shouldn't have vaccinations'... fortunately my son resolved matters for us by asking said woman if she was f*t because she ate lots of doughnuts"]
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Happy galentine’s day to all the beautiful wonderful ladies out there! ❤️❤️❤️
i want to give a special shout out to my number one #bestie, pam. she’s my ride and die, my sister, my rock, my biggest supporter and one of the kindest woman you could ever hope to meet. this photo is throwing it way back to her wedding day where even then she supported my fashionista style and let me have a bridesmaid dress that was different than her other bridesmaids. pretty fashion forward for 2003!! 👗👗
15 years later and we might not to get to see each other as often as we would like but when we do it’s like no time has passed. life has thrown her some curve balls but #whatiseeinher is someone who has found strength and the ability to be resilient through it all. she is a fellow cpa,ca who graduated at the top of her class, she has a wonderful husband and two amazing children. her youngest has #autism and she has worked tirelessly to advocate for him and the rights of all children with autism. i couldn’t ask for a better friend.
she may need help in the fashion department (she fully admits it!) but we’ll work on that for 2019! love you boo 😘
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It is mandatory that you care for your own emotional well-being if you seek to support the emotional well-being of energetically sensitive children!

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Thank you for teaching me so much about life ryder. if you would have asked me 10 years ago if i even knew what a feed tube was, my answer would have been no. now i can change one-one handed. we’ve had 3 different g-tubes since ryder’s first had his placed, we started off with a long peg g-tube, then switched to the mickey, and now we have the mini one which glows in the dark! ryder uses a feeding pump to administer his feeds. we’ve tried bolous but the feed moves to slow and ryder moves to fast. if you’re a tubie parent what type of button does your b**e have ? #feedingtubeawarenessweek
we are matching in our “live to fill” @goshoutlove shirts for our friend this month @beckettstrong1 make sure to check them out. 💛

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