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Happy h**p day 🤪❤️ bike shop: @motorsportexotica
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Ducati desmosedici. i bought this bike in the summer of 2010 from @ducatiglasgow . with @chloeharrison511 in a chase car full of jerry cans i rode it all the way from my parent’s house just north of glasgow to the south of france. blasting through northern italy in baking heat, i stupidly took off my leathers for an hour, choosing to wear just my back protector and a wife b****r vest, the resulting lamb chop style sunburn was pretty special! just after i got it home i asked @rajinmehta to get me the smallest number plate possible for it, he duly complied (an irrelevant detail you might think!?). i regrettably sold the bike a few years later in a part ex deal for a 993 gt2 and the desmo was gone forever. or was it!? thanks to the unusual shape and size of the number plate it was very recognisable and rajin spotted it for sale in 2015, i duly called the seller and struck a deal, not a penny was exchanged; i gave up 5 bikes to get my baby back and haven’t regretted it for a second. (the guy who had it for those 3 interim years didn’t even have a license, he didn’t ride it once and didn’t even register the bike in his name!). 200 horsepower on a 180kg bike feels like nothing i have ever experienced, impossible to describe so i won’t even bother trying!! #ducati #desmosedici #d16 #superbike

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Desmosedici rr sounds 😳❤️❤️ @f1lambo #ducati #desmosedici #lakearrowhead

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Just some old bikes.
ducati desmosedici rr.
yamaha yzf-r6 fiat.
yamaha tzr250spr.
n2n bikes.
rare bikes specialists.
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Oggi ho fatto il passeggero sulla desmosedici. un’esperienza incredibile..anzi terrificante!! un accelerazione da paura, una frenata da spezzare il collo, una tenuta di strada mozzafiato. grazie mamma ducati per l’opportunità e grazie a franco battaini che mi ha fatto veramente cagare addosso. #ducati #desmosedici #motogp #sepangcircuit #paurapura

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