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Nova check boy 🇬🇧

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Crown jewels 💎

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// please advise. //
timeout at a secret location fr friday till start 2019.
1, 2, 3 or 4?
1. completely disconnect from @instagram
2. updates on insta stories
3. insta stories + 1 timeline post daily
(and we’ll forgive you for not responding
to comments until you get back in 2019)
4. <your brilliant idea>
side note:
it’s been a wild decade indeed.
reflecting on all the character-building seasons;
the times when i felt that i had been buried,
was when i was actually being planted.
learning to let go & let god
sooner rather than later
so that i don’t shortchange destiny
for limited human capacity.
i pray the same for you in 2019.
thank you so much for sharing this journey with me.
love you #onlinefamily.
#hannahtan :::::
red for courage,
black for relentlessness in pursuit of
what sets our heart on fire.
this exclusive piece from #doverstreetmarket @doverstreetmarketsingapore
#passionmadepossible #visitsingapore -
shot by @adhamborhan

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