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Reality of today. today has been a living hell. as soon as i got up. until now. cannot even begin to tell you how bad my day has been and to top it off now i’m in bed with the worst chest pain. we all have bad days i guess. reality. hope your day has been better.
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In a lot of ways thess things can be quite difficult to approach. opening up when you're not doing well, asking for help, changes in routine and beliefs, etc. but in many cases when you tackle them you come through stronger and wiser xx

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Sometimes i am so tired, but i cannot sleep. and it takes a special person to understand how that feels.

thank you tiredgirls, for knowing this with me.
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✨ when you struggle with anxiety, the urge to control everything and everyone around you can be so strong!
✨ but the truth is, we can not control everything!
✨ i’ll say it again “we can not control everything!”
✨ when situations leave us spiraling, our negative and irrational thoughts become so loud and we being to panic.
✨ one thing that is 100% true...we can not predict the future.
✨ i don’t care if you are the best psychic in the world (and i do believe in them 😉).
✨ so maybe it’s time you think about what you can control about your future...and take action!
✨ vacations, friendships, love, exercise, traditions, making changes...
✨ how will you take action this year?
✨ what plans do you have for the future that puts a smile on your face?
✨ comment below!
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