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This is not a joke. this is real life people and if you think you have the audacity to tell someone to k**l themself what is wrong with you. it’s because of your words that people go home and hurt and want to take their lives. your words hurt. look, i get that the reason why you say those things is because that’s how you’re truly feeling inside but learn how to have manners and how to treat others the way you want to be treated! i know you truly don’t want someone to killthemselves how would you feel knowing for the rest of your life you caused someone so much hurt that they couldn’t take it anymore? i know you don’t want to feel that. so please before you say something think about their feelings. get help. you matter and you’re worth it❤️❤️❤️

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Listen to me. if you’re thinking about harming yourself dont. if you’re thinking about death stop. talk to someone you trust you can dm me as well❤️ you have a long life to live you were not put in this world to end it yourself you keep fighting in times like these because your bad situation will end and better days do come. think about your future, think about what’s stopping you now from being happy it won’t always be this way and these obstacles that you may be facing they will go, think about your future husband/wife think about your future kids most of all think about you and your family now. people will miss you they would be so devastated and the pain your feeling now i know you may seem like it would end the pain but it doesn’t end it at all it keeps going. it goes on to your family and friends. they would all wonder why you wanted to die they would wonder if they did something wrong. and don’t even start with that “no one would miss me” bullshit. because yes people would miss you!! your lunch ladies at school, your teachers, your friends, your neighbors, your parents, your cousins, your pets, i would even miss you. suicide is not an option, god does have plans for you he wouldn’t just put you in a situation you couldn’t get through. he gives his hardest battles to the strongest soldiers. everything happens for a reason and everything will be okay in the end and if it’s not okay then it’s not the end. place your hand over your heart you feel that? that’s called purpose. you all have a purpose in this world and if you think you don’t that’s okay you’ll find it one day. look what i’m trying to say is please never hesitate to reach out to me my dms are always open. you are loved and you are worth the world❤️ hang in there!!.

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I bet they're gonna do a video like this for xanny and i cannot wait
hey @genius pls make this happen thank you.

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I’m always here for you ♥︎
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