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So uhhm what?

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Back at one of my favorites 🍴

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I hope you know that you are loved #fscottfitzgerald ❤️

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Fa la la la la la la llama

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Praying for a crazy snow storm where we have to shut down work because nobody can get to the office safely and i just get to stay cozy in bed all day but still somehow mange to get paid for a full days worth of work...😅 in all reality though, there is nothing better than being warm & cozy inside while it’s snowy and cold outside 😍❤️

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Just wanted to pop in and wish you all a happy feast of our lady of guadalupe (she’s a fave of ours) & say thank you for all of the well wishes + kind words that so many of you gave on my last post announcing our pregnancy!
we are so grateful for this little b**e + for all of the love and prayers you’re sending our way. i’m sorry if i’ve been a little quieter on here recently—the pregnancy fatigue + nausea are very real right now but things seem to be looking up!
also, here’s to our first official bump photo! it’s still pretty tiny but i’m excited to start documenting with photos + watching this baby grow!

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