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Suburban, 1970. ok i’m so indecisive and it’s part of my nature but i’ll stick with this account, it has my entire portfolio and change is kinda hard right now 😂 love y’all thank u for putting up with me and i’ll be posting a lot again!!

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Come on then monday. let’s do this...👊🏼#deerofinstagram #beforesunrise #darkmornings

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I have a question for you. if your shadows is the second most beautiful thing in the world, which is the first?

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It’s a damp, lamps on kinda morning here. too bad i have to leave for work soon. good new is it’s only for a couple hours and then i’ll get to come back home and enjoy it. now, should i work on some painting that needs finishing, or should i just relax all afternoon? 🤔 maybe i’ll do a little of both! 😆 #lampson #darkmornings #cozymorning #cozyhomes #cozyhome #hyggehome #gingerjars #driedhydrangeas #sideboard #sideboardstyling #frenchcountrystyle #frenchcountrydecor #frenchcountrycottage #traditionalhome #traditionaldecor #classichome #classichomes #classicdecor #victoriamagazine #traditionaldiningroom #ballarddesigns #shadesoflight #countryhousestyle #countryhouse #countryhomes #mirrorreflection #wisteriastyle

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Holding the 1st annual zion petting contest. winner gets free pets whenever. submit your applications to @scottymack1_61 to set up a date and time to pet this good boy. gracias @bradsoop

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Darling, let's bail on our wedding and chase towards our beautiful future in a mad rush.

do you ever watch those movies from the 30s and 40s when people used to speak with such conviction and romance. i always feel a bit cheated, like life nowadays has lost its charm. i'm talking gone with the wind passion when war and love went hand in hand, and you had to fight for the things you believed in.

i am so inspired when in the presence of elegance and romance and d**n i can't wait to share a special day that i'm currently blogging that had buckets of heart and charm.

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