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Can't even describe the level of hype i felt from this flash shot. wow! β˜‡ #justiceleague @justiceleague

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Good afternoon gothamites and have a fantastic friday! swipe to see all 5 teaser trailers released yesterday and today for zack snyder's dceu film 'justice league' out november 17, 2017 featuring @benaffleck's batman, @rehsifyar's cyborg, @gal_gadot's wonder woman, ezra miller's flash and @prideofgypsies aquaman! are you excited for this film's full trailer tomorrow? thanks for following and we'll have more history of the batman soon! βœŒπŸΌπŸ’™πŸ¦‡πŸ“½

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The joker- work in progress. not sure how i feel about this one just yet πŸ˜… but its growing on me. playing with different techniques on this one. let me know what you think think guys πŸ™πŸΌ

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Bane and batman 😍😍 #tomhardy #christianbale #bane #batman #darkknight

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Who's your fave? mine's jared πŸ’š (follow my backup @hailjoker )

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Throwback to christopher nolan's house w/ @yuckylavado #lafit #loa #gymshark #darkknight πŸ“Έ @noelmack_ #noelmack

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"as a a symbol, i can be everlasting."

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I knew that pose/angle looked familiar. @benaffleck you jockin my fresh? jk

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Idiot got trapped by @batman.official

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3. #la is run by #white #hipsters just fyi don't worry. no such "gossip" would ever have you "banned" from the gremlin. ever. yes it's very "sad" it's very "scary" this is actually how #america operates. white power . #rheatepp is not fit to run #lazinefest not alone anyways impo. i think she should have her licence looked at at least. if anything i should be considered a position on the committee as i have plenty of experience in #zine #politics #teppeiando for #zine uhhhh #councilman of #losangeles . yes i even once won an award for my #zine coordinating #skills. #bestoftheeastbay . best . hey. fyi, got my linkedin up to 700 . fyi, whatever else you need to hear to make you think i'm not s****d . do you know why??? because i was very reasonable!!!! i communicated very well. treated everybody #equal. no elitism . if you can make a #zine you are welcomed. #punk #hipster black white yellow red. doesn't matter. you do not have to kiss my ass. just #communicate #clear ly . here at the gremlin quarterly #thegremlinquarterly @thegremlinquarterly i aim to make the most #fair #art #company / #community of all time (if possible). i have even made systems in place so that i myself #creative #director do not lose control of my "power". that would be wrong. that would be like the end of the #darkknight when batman had that thing, that he gave the key to lucius fox. the thing that was like hella #georgewbush that monitored the entire city. remember that? using sonic phones. and morgan freeman said.... "this... this is wrong..." yes i won't allow that. but what i will allow is a safe, fair place for weirdos, eccentrics and sensitive people who don't "fit in", who need special care like #christopherpayne. who most definitely should not be "shunned" like a "creep" you are not shunned here, i will still teach you my skills in flirting as you clearly need it. i will give you a good example of just who is treated well in los angeles by these so called "beautiful" people. cute. white. boys. everytime. these so called "beautiful" women constantly talk about that boy was cute this and that boy was cute that. it's gross. it's sexist. it's racist. and it's highly offensive

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Too much evil in this world and only the 2 of us to stop them...i understand your pain #darkknight #iamnotrobin

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Give a man a mask and he will become his true self πŸ‘Ώ #joker #heathledger #batman #darkknight #pencildrawing #pencilsketch #drawingindia #drawing

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Silay scooter boy. #grabascooter #darkknight #soul

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Summer is officially here! sunburnt my face just to capture this! 😑 still worth it, though! 😎 #batman #classicbatman #thedarkknight #darkknight #wefunkopop #funkopop #funkopopph #funkophotography #funkofunaticph #funkofunatic #toystagram #funkoaddict

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"mr. wayne... what are you doing here?... "

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