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Dan in 1b from the outfit meme!! can dan pls wear this irl?
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This is the full truth and nothing but the truth. he looks really good in the hoodie btw -
q: do you have the pink hoodie or the purple hoodie? -
>> i have the purple one

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Morning 🌄💛
tomorrow it's going to be exactly 90 days since last dapg video so this is how i cope .
im going to post a wallpaper version on my story!!

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Dnp on tinder b like....
↳ my audio!
cc demqn | ib vivseul

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Finish my edit! i put these clips together and i lost motivation to add transitions and other effects. feel free to use this audio + clips in any way you need ! if u do choose to do this, pls tag me and use #aerifiefme and i'll be sure to like and comment ! i'm going to choose 3 winners that are my favorites, and those people will get an editing pack i put together that can be used for all programs. deadline is my birthday (april 2nd) ! have fun :)

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Ok life is boring lately who else agrees •

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