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I love making trips to the library, i got lost in the ya section this morning and picked up the sisterhood of the traveling pants series. i haven't read them since my teenhood but i got so many vivid flashbacks of lunch time discussion and debates while flipping through them. do you get memories of the first time you read a book when you revisit them? what's your favourite ya from your teenhood? and when was the last time you reread them? i'm thinking of reading my favourite ya from middle and high school this summer to see if my opinion of them has changed after all these years. happy thursday lovelies, i hope you're having a great day 💕 #hygge #onthetable #morningslikethese #culturetripbooks #booksandbeans

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Have you ever noticed that a lot of fantasy and sci-fi book spines are black? s e r i o u s l y. but to test out our theory, can you please run to your bookshelf and tell us the titles of the first 3 black spines you see?? 🖤

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🌸 happy thursday, bookworms!! 🌸 - qotd: have you started or finished any new or new-to-you book series lately?? - i’ve started a few new series so far that i had hoped to read this year, and finished a few as well! *throne of glass* has been on my list for a while now, and i’m hoping to finally get started on it this weekend! 🤞🏻 have you started or finished any series lately?? - - it’s officially thursday, and we are so close to the weekend!! i’m beyond ready for it to get here, this week has been exhausting! ☺️ are you ready for the weekend?? - - 📚 title page. #allthebooksmarch 📚 book you would re-read. #marchinbooks18 📚 recent release. #marchbookstagram18 📚 a cover with friends. #lilcoverlove - - 🌸 so, what series have you started or finished recently?? 🌸 and, are there any you’re still hoping to get to?? - - have a great thursday, all!! - - #bookphotochallenge #bookphoto #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookstagramfeature #yabooks #flatlay #currentlyreading #sarahjmaas

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Cozied up after a chilly day spent wandering around glasgow in my new cardigan from @snuglifeclub. i’m in for a night of romantic dramas- which is your favourite? i’m looking for recommendations! . . in other news, i’m also currently read long shot by @kennedyryan1 and i am so hooked on this story! it’s my first book by ryan and i’m crazy happy to have picked it up. . clearly i’m in a romance mood 🤔💕. .

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Do you guys like rereading books? i love going back to my old favorites, so since restore me came out a few weeks back i decided to reread the series this week (my copy is arriving tomorrow!) #bookbeau #bookbeaulove #igniteme #shatterme #restoreme #taherehmafi #aaronwarner #julietteferrars #pinetreetattoo #amreading #currentlyreading #booklove #prettycovers

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Happy first day of spring! it was mighty cold here, but im celebrating with a shelfie of some spring-y contemporaries 💕🌼 • #bookstagram #bookshimmy #bookworm #currentlyreading #bibliophile #shelfie #bookshelf

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Coined by paula smith in 1973, ‘mary sue’ is a pejorative term used by writers and readers of fan fiction to describe protagonists who are believed to be th disguised versions of the fan fic author's idealised self. there is no outright consensus as to mary sue's character type. invariably, however, mary sue is female; she is said to be difficult to identify with, poorly constructed, without depth; she is associated with narcissism and/or wish fulfilment. • this is the first book i’ve read since starting my @poetrybooksociety subscription and i fell head over heels with some of her verses. beautifully crafted, it really makes you think of how you think about women writers, whether you automatically connect what they write to be semi-autobiographical, regardless of whether that is the case or not. in my ignorance, i’d not heard of a ‘mary sue’ before but it certainly got me thinking. one i would highly recommend. if you want more info, check out @jenvcampbell as she discusses it beautifully on her youtube channel. 💛🙏🏻 #whoismarysue #sophiecollins #faberbooks

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“poetry is what in a poem makes you laugh, cry, prickle, be silent, makes your toe nails twinkle, makes you want to do this or that or nothing, makes you know that you are alone in the unknown world, that your bliss and suffering is forever shared and forever all your own.” {dylan thomas} • hi everyone! i wasn’t going to post today, but i just couldn’t let world poetry day go by without acknowledging it! i’ve been enjoying my daily poetry readings and think that this may become a life-long habit. 😉 it’s really a wonderful way to begin or end the day. • age of innocence readers, i’m very behind on answering comments but i just want to say how excited i am for the response - there are quite a few readers joining in and i couldn’t be more thrilled! of course there’s room for more and i’d love to have you along. if you’re interested, please see my previous post for deets. • p.s. no reading updates as i’m still making my way through dr. jekyll and mr. hyde, but am really enjoying it! i’m so looking forward to curling up with it tonight and getting in a few pages before going to sleep. • p.p.s. happy wednesday!🍃

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Hi, my name is megan and i'm a cover judger. 🙋 sometimes that serves me well, but plenty of times it's resulted in a serious book crash and burn. • with the queen of hearts, i'm happy to say the innies were as fun and colorful as the outies! besides that gorgeous cover, tqoh had several other things that grabbed my attention--a kentucky author with a partial kentucky setting, it's a @saltwaterreads pick, and the story throws off some serious er and grey's anatomy vibes (2 of my most fave shows ever). • full review will be posted after the @saltwaterreads discussion on march 25th, but know that i really enjoyed this one. (🌟🌟🌟🌟/5!) if you haven't grabbed it yet, do it. tqoh would be the perfect spring break read! • are you cover judgey too?? . . #tqoh #bookcoverlove #thequeenofhearts

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I finally picked up #anneofavonlea yesterday and flew through it! i’m currently reading reading #anneoftheisland and i can’t wait to finish it! #gilbertblytheisbae #anneofgreengables #lmmontgomery #currentlyreading #bookstagram #igreads #happyhelloart

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The fault in our stars is a luminous little infinity.this is a story about coping, grieving, love, fear and courage. if you loved the book, i am sure that you will enjoy a lot the movie. -> - #bookblogger #books #novels #read #lovetoread #inspire #knowledge #knowledgeispower #quoteoftheweek #bookworm #bookworms #currentlyreading #author #authors #quotes #instabooks #quoteoftheday #bookstagram #inspired #instadaily #inspiring #different #readingtime #reading #bookclub #bookquotes #quotesaboutbooks #bookstagram ##johngreen #favoritebooklists @johngreenwritesbooks - - *** click on the link in our bio for more info ! *** - - @24hgratitude @thelifearound @lessoninlife24h

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Mein derzeitiges buch. es ist so spannend und gruselig! also im ernst. gestern wurde ich völlig paranoid und hab beim lesen geräusche gehört, die gar nicht da waren 😂 ich werd noch bekloppt. 📚 #currentlyreading #stephenking #brennenmusssalem #salemslot #horrorbooks #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #bookish #bookaddict #bookaholic #booklover #booknerd #ilovebooks #bücherlesen #bücherregal #lesenistschön #reading #bücherliebe #instabook #bookshelf #photography #instabooks

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Mother and sister ❤️ 2018 vs. 1975 j’ai entendu ma maman parler de ce livre à mes sœurs, c’est le seul que je me suis acheté. et puis ma maman m’a apporté sa version. il est plein de bon sens et de bienveillance (même déjà à son époque). j’adore y piocher quelques infos de ci de la. je regrette juste que la partie « belge » ne soit pas plus développée concernant les démarches et administration qui sont quand même bien différentes qu’en france. j’ai aussi cherché pas mal de chaînes et de blogs à lire, mes 3 favoris sont les chaînes de @patriciabinfrance (j’aime tellement son accent), @lamaisondesmaternelles (binge watching) et le super blog de @marylou_framboise. je me sens comme « en formation » avec tellement de choses à rattraper et à savoir. mais.... sans pression hein. euhm. #instabook #lecturedumoment #mummytobe #impregnant #bookstagram #📖 #currentlyreading

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Quiero decirte que te amo que pensar que pasa el tiempo , más te extraño que sigo solo y tu ausencia me hace daño se que yo te falle pero siempre te esperare...💕💯.#instalikes #likesforlikes #instalove #instagods #streetstyle #20likes #cute #currentlyreading #strangerthings #6likes.

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#currentlyreading #johnfowles #themagus. not very far in yet but i’m already taken in by the writing style. i’ve been recommended #thecollector which i’ll get round to at some point, but preferred the premise of this more. #booksofinstagram #bookstagrammer #bookish #books📚

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#rusmasalları •| #mayakitap #currentlyreading #kitapalınıtısı ❄ ☃ ❄ o sabah maruşya oturmuş eğlenceye gitsem mi gitmesem mi diye düşünüyordu. "git," dedi annesi. "gençsin! eğlenmek, gülmek hakkın!" bunun üzerine kız eğlenceye gitti. İfrit çoktan gelmişti. yüne oyunlar başladı. dans edildi, eğlenildi. diğer kızlar, maruşya'nın başına gelenlerden henüz haberdar değillerdi. ve dalaşıp eve gitmek üzere hazırlandıklarında İfrit seslendi: "haydi, maruşya! gel de beni uğurla." kız çok korkuyordu, yerinden kımıldayamadı bile. bunu fark eden diğer kızlar maruşya'nın başına üşüştü: "ne düşünüyorsun? ne oldu da birden bu kadar utangaç oluverdin? haydi, git de geçir delikanlıyı." çaresi yoktu. maruşya, başına neler geleceğini bilmeden dışarı çıktı. biraz ilerleyince İfrit, kızı sorgulamaya başladı: "dün gece kilisede miydin?" "hayır." "peki, orada ne yaptığımı gördün mü?" "hayır." "çok güzel! yarın baban ölecek!" bu sözleri söyleyip ortadan kayboldu. maruşya çok üzgün ve düşünceli bir hâlde eve döndü. sabah uyandığında babası can vermişti! ❄ ☃ ❄ 🌍selamlar! ben bu çok beğendiğim kitabı okurken sizlere de çok sevdiğim masaldan uzun bir alıntı getirdim. ahh İfrit ahh! diye diye masal sonlanırken, oldukça güzel masalların da yer aldığını söyleyebilirim kitapta. benim gibi masal okumayı ve dinlemeyi sevenlere önerimdir. yorumum yarına gelecektir. 🤗🤗 ❄ ☃ ❄ ☃ ❄ ☃ ❄ ☃ ❄ ☃ ❄ #dünyamasallardizisi #kitap #rusmasallari #kitaplar #kitaplarİyikivar #kitapaşkı #kitapkurdu #bookstagram #booksphotography #book #books #bookshelf #read #ready #reading #readystocketude #bookslover

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My new book... self development and looking at my health is key in my business 😍📚💚 . . . . #currentlyreading #girlboss #healthylifestyle #blogger #selfcare #businessowner #innsbruck #austria

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Finished last year's man booker international prize winner 👍

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Learning starts from a simple s****e on the paper where ideas and connections happen. encourage it more often. source: your child's writing life by pam allyn #learning #earlylearner #writing #womensupportingwomen #currentlyreading #bookstagram #igreads

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This book is fascinating. it is a testament to how little we, humans, know. and it also proves that we’re not the smartest creatures on this planet. it’s fun to look at my home plant with new eyes, but then again, i also feel like an abuser: i should be taking better care of it! ☹️🌱 this book is on sale 8/28/18.

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