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Do u agree or disagree? •dm me your opinions and i will post them anonymously •opinions aren’t mine -
-disagree and agree i prefer elle than jj because yeah she has a really interesting and complex personality but emily and jj will always be an iconic duo tara is interesting but the show doesn’t really focus much on her character :( -
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Who kissed you?
last digit of ur like👇🏻
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a five course meal 😍🔥 @graysondolan
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Kate was such a hard worker. she went above and beyond, investigating things on her own time. jennifer also talks about staying on set extra late. it must have been so tiring for her—a new mother, still nursing, and then when she got pregnant! no wonder she left! the season must have been exhausting and then i get the feeling that some people (🙄😑) didn’t want her there. i loved kate on cm but i’m glad jen only signed a one year contract and could leave to be home with her kids #jenniferlovehewitt #katecallahan #criminalminds

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These aren’t great but 🤷🏻‍♀️
i listened to love story for a throw back this morning and now i’ve been listening to hannah montana, camp rock and hsm all day

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Everyone has done this #memes #spencerried #criminalminds

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