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Truck saved his life 🙌🏼 "i was pushed off a mountain pass yesterday by an oncoming car that crossed into my lane around a blind corner. i flew about 250 feet in the air before the truck landed and cartwheeled for another 700 feet down the cliff. i survived this and a bitter cold hypothermic night in the snow for 12 hours before walking 3 miles out following a stream at the bottom of the canyon. wearing only cowboy boots, pants, and a carhart jacket. all that with only bruises and stitches. i was pulling a heavy all steel 4 horse trailer with a tractor inside it. the trailer is destroyed and nobody found the tractor. the truck is so deep into the canyon it’s just going to stay there. no way to get it out.
that ford f-250 saved my life. loved that truck. it will be missed.

somehow i managed crawl out the drivers windows. that roof should have crushed me. i then climbed over that mangled hood since the drivers side was high up in the air. no idea how i wasn’t horrible disfigured by all this. it was in the pitch dark and we’ll be freezing. i then hiked a couple miles in the dark until hypothermia set in and i couldn’t walk anymore. i thought for sure if i fell asleep i wasn’t going to wake up but i found a 6 foot wide cedar that i used as a wind block and did my best to keep my core body temperature up. some how i made it." @ford

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@jussaxlt tundra needed a little tug to get back on the interstate.. 🤷🏼‍♂️ @furyoffroadtires @patriotsystems

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Así mero😂
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🗳 dm your classic bagged truck 4 feature
⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️ ford info ⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️

📽 video credit: @krazybooter
⚒ built by: @krazybooter
👤 owner: @krazybooter
📅 year: 1949
🚛 vehicle: ford f5
⛽️ engine: ls1
⚙️ transmission: 4l80e
🎛 suspension: airbag with radius arm and 3 link
🥟 interior: steel
📻 audio: engine noise through headers
⭕️ wheels: @detriotsteelwheelco
📍 location:va

@viaircorp “compressors: @viaircorp
@mobsteel "long live detroit"
@c10lifestyle_ “every truck has a story”
@deviouscustoms “#gobedevious”
@premierstreetrod “premier street rods””
@detroitsteelwheelco "100% u.s. steel"
@vintagespeedshop_c10s “throw back builds"
@precisionreplacementparts "precision weatherstrip"

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