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The other day, a fellow mirakeean asked if i would write something for independence day in india (which is today), so i decided to write an elfchen.
now, most of you know me to be a writer of lengthy pieces, and that's usually the case; but out of respect for those of you who first opened your eyes, and took your very first breath there in the heart of the motherland, i felt it best to write a short piece to express my love and wishes for so many beautiful souls who hail from a country whose pride matches its humility, whose beauty and history are unparalleled, whose landscape is teeming with the vibrant colors seen in the garments worn by the strong, beautiful women, and whose air is constantly filled with the mouthwatering aroma of an endless array of exotically spiced foods.
you see, i've never set foot in india, so nothing my mind and hand would pen could ever do justice to an area that boasts such extensive culture and diversity. it's odd though, that i somehow feel that i've been there; and stranger yet that i somehow feel as though i'm a small part of it all; but perhaps it's due to having befriended so many of india's inhabitants. people with warm hearts, kind souls, and beautiful smiling faces. people who know the meaning of hard work, respect, discipline, and above all, the importance of family.
from the time i joined mirakee ( nearly two years ago) i was immediately welcomed and embraced by the many friends i met there, nearly all hailing from india; and little by little, as i learned more of the culture, the history, the holidays, and the daily life, well... i suppose india somehow grew on me and seeped under my skin. that shouldn't be too surprising, as there's so much to love about india and her people.
on that note, i'd like to wish each of you (and your respective families) a beautiful, blessed, joyful, peaceful, and most certainly a very happy independence day!! india will always have my love, respect, prayers, and admiration. svatantrata divas mubaarak ho priy doston!
copyright carolyn glackin 2018.
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The day we will be independent from child labour, poverty and molestation will be the day of real freedom.. #girlsfreedom #patriots #indianwriters #indians#independenceday #relatblepost #poetrycommunity #writerscommunity #poetryisnotdead #wordsgram #wordsofwisdom #wordsofinstagram #wordsporn #wordsunspoken #dowry #slavery #creativewriting #newpost #poverty #childlabour
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Ti ho guardata di nascosto così a lungo
che mi sono innamorato di te
di nascosto.
per guardarti di nascosto così a lungo
sono salito su un albero
mi sono arrampicato sul tronco
con le mani e con le scarpe
mi sono seduto sul ramo più orizzontale orientato verso la tua finestra
avevo le braccia impiastricciate di resina
ed i polpastrelli verdi e neri di corteccia.
ho guardato di nascosto nello specchio della tua stanza
per guardarti di nascosto il viso
la tua seria espressione zen concentrata ed imperturbabile
per alcuni importanti minuti
studiavi il lato e l'angolazione
che ti rendevano più seducente la bocca ed il naso
i tuoi manierismi di seduzione
utili alla strategia dei tuoi flirt
per chi ti fai bella stasera?
qualcuno che già ti aspettava
o che comincerà ad aspettarti da oggi?
la colpa dev'essere dei film che guardavo di notte da piccolo
di nascosto
quelli con le ragazze nude più grandi di me
che facevano lo spogliarello e basta
e potevo guardare ma non toccare
(ma non potevo guardare ma non toccarmi)
come quelle meraviglie in vetrina
che ammiri affascinato
e ti tolgono il fiato tanto sono belle
e non puoi permettertele
e per me il sesso è rimasto quello. [ english follows - français suit ]

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Why do you write?! ✍🏻✨

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