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Did you notice how lesser humans have started to cry for others. it's like they are going through an evolutionary phase and getting better at emotions. still unsure if they're more numb or more stable.
yes, some still get into a war within themselves and it's appreciated by me and a part of community of how they keep fighting.
keep well,
much love.

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For those of you who have followed me for some length of time you know i’m super passionate about world building. i also love sharing helpful resources, so if you want some tips or to see different approaches to world building, magic, etc, see below.
✨writerly resources!✨
@brandsanderson is a professor and industry professional with free lectures on youtube. just search his name to see the topics available. i recommend them all, but especially the ones on world building, magic and character.
•”how to write science fiction & fantasy” by orson scott card. not so enigmatically, he lends instruction on writing sci-fi and fantasy. if you’re a person who learns best by examples, this book may be up your alley.
•writing excuses podcast- they’re on their 13th season and cover any writing topic you can imagine. i recommend episode 32 with #patrickrothfuss called “talking exposition.”
•map making tutorials and inspiration- go check out @fantastic_maps they made the maps for asoiaf
•the rules of magic- this resource breaks down the magic systems of 50 different fantasy series.
@karlibookcook and i just did an ig live all about world building, so go check out her account some time today.
i hope you get as much out of these resources as i have. if you have any of your own, please share below.
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¦ we were never meant to be together ¦
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If only i could tell em that :|

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It’s ok to let yourself be happy.

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My book #castleonfire🔥 will be available october 2018!
written by: d.m howard @team.dai 🦋
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Ah! what a great day this is going to come on, look around you and feel the warmth of nature...if it's making you smile, then let me know❤️😊😊

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Heartbreak taught me that the love i could give myself was more valuable than anything he could ever give me. heartbreak taught me how to love and be loved without limitations. heartbreak taught me that i am stronger than i could have ever imagined. heartbreak taught me that i deserve the world and nothing less. heartbreak taught me that regrowth is a blessing, that uprooting your world and starting anew is the scariest but most rewarding life experience. heartbreak taught me that heartbreak is inevitable. heartbreak taught me that giving your mending heart to someone new is risky, but can have beautiful results. heartbreak taught me that true love exists, even when you think you have lost it. thank you, heartbreak. you killed me. but i rose from the ashes without looking back 🌻

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☝🏻this was a fantastic read. i highly recommend it whether you liked hamilton or not. also, i can’t wait for @stephanie.dray and @laurakayeauthor to write more together 💛

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One of my faves in good news, fake news, & misplaced memories. available on amazon and this saturday october 20th 4-7pm at the cypresswood glen fall festival **
location - 20002 cypresswood glen
spring tx 77388
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La la la la la, la la la la la, la la la la la la la la la la la, do do do doo...
aahhhh!! 🎶
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People here ain't backward but their thinking is. different religion and caste shows how diverse we are , it's a blessing but for few it becomes curse.

its on you either you give up, you fight, or enjoy every moment and make memories till the date you are together.

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The trespasser
by scott miller

there's rules to this stuff

a man sits in a half condemned dive bar drinking his sorrows away not the most unusual thing to see in a place like this

a man walks into the bar pulls up a seat right next to the other man

fancy old time fedor on his head even older leather holster bound to his belt revolver tucked away within it

his shirt ripped open just enough to reveal the strangest sight a compass stuck in the man's chest like a piece of shrapnel

the drinker looks up maybe you should get that checked out sonny boy who the hell are you anyway interrupting my drink like this

lately the folks i've been crossing paths with they've been calling me the trespasser

always going where they think i don't belong truth is i do belong where i am

truth is i have no control over where i go my path is laid out by this compass
it sends me where i need to be
to right wrongs to restore balance to places where the scales have tipped

no matter the country the time or even the dimension i've been to some crazy places they're always a little different

sometimes we lost a war
sometimes somebody important wasn't born

sometimes something was invented that shouldn't have been

there's always a reason for me to trespass

the heavy drinker still staring he starts to laugh off the trespasser's story
that's a crazy story you be spinning there why you telling me all this what's your game

no game mister just trying to get home there's rules to this stuff you know

and one of them is karma's a b***h fast as lightning the trespasser reaches for his revolver points and opens fire

the drinker falls into his glass dead to rights
the trespasser gets up time for the next stop •

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--✴🌟✴-- how can i give hope to others
if i have no hope myself?

how should i smile,
if i could cry?

how should i get up every day and start something
if i am not sure that i will finish it?

and i put a smile on my lips,
try to get the words right,
i wonder, what would i like to hear,
what would give me hope, if another
would do it for me - be there for me -
what is it that gives me a real smile ... i try to be a friend ...
i try to be a partner ...
i try to be a confidant ...
i try to be a happy person ... not because i want to lie to myself or others,
i do it because i think that if at least one begins
others also dare to change something ...
i try to stay myself ...
but just the best version of me.

because if i give up my hope,
would you dream with me?

because when i cry,
how could i see the little things
and enjoy them?

because if i do not finish anything,
how should i know then that i am something special,
that i am i and that this is no other for me
can be.

so - i give my best every day.
sometimes i'm a sad clown
behind a smiling mask
and now and then
i'm a smiling clown
behind the crying mask.

but one thing i always try to be: myself
@lavinia_barani_ .
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