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It was friday, so it meant one of two things 1. take a trip with your amazing design team to checkout out the ivan chermayeff cover designs at @ksmallgallery and 2. critique, swoon and wow over them #typography #typelove #design @fallon_elisabeth @asheets97 .
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Dior et ibra, une note d'espoir et persévérance pour commencer la semaine. cheikhna diop, l'espoir d'une vie heureuse #litteratureafricaine #senegal #dakar #sacrecoeur #editionafricaine #tehameditions #instabook #bookstagram #waxaddict #africanbooks #booklover #mondaymotivation #coverdesign by @alainkojele

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Eve babitz's s*x and rage is a los angeles times bestseller the week of august 12!! we are so thrilled and beyond grateful to the bottoms of our s*x and rage-filled hearts. #rp @1800britt

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So freaking excited to share this brand spankin' new guest transmission from the lovely @_zooeyglass_

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zooey is a founder, resident and creative director of @manifest_chi, an amazing movement full of music, consciousness and a beyond.

zooey packed this mix heavy full of some beautifully emotional and hard hitting techno vibes. hope you all enjoy the mix! ☮️ ❤️

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*continue to work on a holiday gift. i know this is getting pretty redundant, but if i don't keep working on it, i'll never have it done in time for a holiday 2019 release. my goal is to have a draft ready for my critique partners by next february or march, but as difficult as this story has been to get right, i need all the time i can get.
*work on my time management skills. my day job has been crazy busy lately, and i have the best, most dedicated co-workers. but i sometimes feel like i'm running on a hamster wheel - working and working and working and getting nothing done. this mostly happens when i'm trying to work on three or four things at the same time - and it can spill over even after i leave, and i have a hard time shaking off the stressful feeling of leaving things unfinished, which hinders my ability to get any quality work done when i get home. this week, i hope to work on a way to make sure i'm getting everything done as quickly as possible.
*get back to my photoshop course. late last year i purchased an in-depth course on photoshop from phlearn, in hopes of both refreshing skills i already had and learning new ones to enhance my ability to come up with a great book cover. but with sudden-onset and severe tenosynovitis and carpal tunnel syndrome, which plagued me most of last winter and into the spring, i was forced to give my wrist a rest. i'm about 85% of the way better now and feel like i can get back into it without doing any further damage.
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New music video with @jarrelyoungmusic. swipe for poster and snippet. link in bio.

when: wednesday, july 11, 2018
where: boots garage
why: make content or die
who: mr. 47
how: #sonya7sii, #samyang85 and #tamron2875 (lots of stepping out the box... )

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“an affectionate and quirky ode to manhattan” — @thehornbook

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