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comment 21 star 508 last month

All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking...

comment 14 star 118 3 weeks ago

I capture the way i feel the nature 😊 #hometown #rust #countrysidephotography

comment 1 star 18 1 hour ago

Just an ordinary day with an extraordinary person.

comment 1 star 20 4 hours ago

A country all about journeys😍

comment 1 star 100 7 hours ago

Under a blue sky // standing proud

comment 1 star 26 7 hours ago

Nice walk on saturday. hit 14k steps that day.

comment 2 star 28 9 hours ago

Well, that was the toughest experience of my life! roots night race - a trail race in which you are entirely self-sufficient for 24 hours, navigating to 18 checkpoints with various challenges along the way. we didn’t get to the end of the race due to missing the cut-off time but we pushed as far and as hard as we could for 18 hours. my feet were wet from start to finish, already bruised and aching from the morning pt “warm-up” and the log carries for miles were heavy and uncomfortable...but i’m proud of how far i pushed myself out of my comfort zone. i’ve learnt so much from this experience and from my strong team mates @kirsten_presly & @dashfitness . thank you so much for your support and encouragement!

everyone that participated really dug deep and went for it. for participating in the race we all got this amazing hand crafted medal, all of which were cut from the same branch.

congrats to nick @weareokhane and andrew @inspiredbyandrew for being the only ones to complete all the chapters in the race - you are awesome! thank you matt & the team for a well-organised, challenging event @rootsadventures i’ll be back!

comment 5 star 58 10 hours ago

🍂river nidd🍂

comment 2 star 26 11 hours ago

On the paths again // making friends on the way

comment 1 star 30 12 hours ago