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I have been working on so many new and exciting things lately & i am very pleased to finally get to announce that as of today i am officially a captain! be shore to stay tuned for what i’ve got planned next😈🧜🏼‍♀️ #captainkate #captain #femalecaptain #boating #sandbar #ecotourism #snorkeling #scubadiving #divemaster #instructor #reefdiving #wreckdiving #charter #islandlife #goals #accomplished #newoffice #bikinilife #salty #cloud9 #timetocelebrate #workhardplayhard

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Cloud 9 - december, 14
#cloud9 "he makes me feel
like in a movie and it
feels so surreal
i'm on cloud nine, i'm on cloud nine
i love the thrill
like purple haze you got me
feels so surreal
i'm on cloud nine." only 2 days left!
cloud 9 🖤

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Two teams. two gingerbread houses. one giant festive mess! 😱
tell us below who you thought had the most impressive holiday masterpiece in our newest youtub video! 👇👇
team #c9lol with @svenskeren1 & @licoricelol or team #c9r6 with @retro1sg & @davide_bucci .
#cloud9 #c9lol #c9r6 #c9win #holidays #thursday

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I’ll just be over here reminiscing about the dream of a day i had yesterday... i promise y’all that if you say yes to things that scare you or make you uncomfortable (ie meeting someone for coffee you have only messaged on ig or styling a photo shoot for the first time), you will get more back than you ever imagined.

yesterday’s shoot for the market was the beautiful result of three women saying yes to the unknown, to the scary & to the uncomfortable. the result of three women saying yes to each other.

so here’s to us all saying yes to the very next scary thing that comes our way & living a life full of adventure and unexpected beauty❤️
xoxo, mel

in case you’re digging these boho vibes, the sweater is @arrivemarket , necklace is @noondaycollection , hat is @ninewest & denim is my all time fave with 🙌🏻tall🙌🏻 sizing, @madewell 📸: @joelleelizabethphoto

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