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Kate winslet in the '90s! 💛
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"to look into that persons eyes and find yourself so completely lost in another world, a world full of absolute comfort and happiness." - lily collins
👉 which are some of her best performances?
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"culture is fundamental. literature saves you. cinema saves you." - lea seydoux

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Sony alpha α7r iii + sony fe 85mm f/1.4 g master
photo by @victorbruskov
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Marília mendonça tá gataaa e se apresentou no farraial sertanejo nesse sábado. depois ainda invadiu o show de henrique e juliano e ganhou abraços e fez selfies.....ahhhh também querooooo!!!!
fotos thiago duran

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⭐the fault in our scars⭐
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Leo smoking on the set of ‘revolutionary road’ in 2008 😍🔥

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Mae west no set de “uma dama de outro mundo” (1934), conferindo o posicionamento da camera de karl struss.

com sua voz peculiar, west tecia rápidos e sequenciados comentários provocantes nos filmes em que participava. em filmes de roteiro simples (adequados à época), moldou sua persona de “menina má” e consolidou-se como a s*x symbol dos anos 30.

a década foi marcada pela busca dos estúdios em lançar “estrelas”, em geral garotas bem jovens sem experiência de atuação que eles moldavam a seu dispor. west chegou para quebrar as regras: atuando pela primeira vez aos 39 anos, possuía um controle criativo sem precedentes para a época, já que ajudava no roteiro - afim de enaltecer sua personalidade com piadas específicas - e aprovava o material filmado.

com expressões cômicas e frases de duplo sentido, sua influência ultrapassou o cinema: fascinado por ela, salvador dalí concebeu um retrato surrealista em sua homenagem.

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#جعبه_سینما .
🔰 ورا چیتی لووا در سال (2000) در یادداشتی به « کیت کانونلی » درباره ی فیلم غریبش « گل های آفتابگردان » محصول سال هزار و نهصد و شصت و شش چنین می نویسد : « اگر چیزی وجود دارد که دوستش ندارید ، از قوانین تبعیت نکنید بلکه آن را بشکنید ! من دشمن بی سازش حماقت و تفکر سطحی در مردان و زنان هستم و همواره کوشیده ام که در فضای زندگی خودم نیز این صفات را نیست کنم ! » . 🔆 راه هایی که ماری اول و ماری دوم در فیلم گل های آفتابگردان « بد آمد» می شمارند از میان بردن هر نوع قراردادی ست که به طور معمول انتظارش را می کشیم . _( توضیح این که این فیلم بعد از ساخت از سوی نظارت فرهنگی کمونیستی چکسلواکی به دلیل آن چه شکستن تابوهای سیاسی و اجتماعی خوانده شد به محاق توقیف درآمد)
#گلهای_آفتابگردان #ورا_چیتی_لووا #چکسلواکی #سینما #فیلم #معنا #سمبولیک #نماد #هنر #هنرمند #سینماگر #زنان #دیکتاتور #زن #بازیگری #بازیگر #هنرپیشه #کمونیسم #کمدی ⚪️⚪️⚪️ #daisies / 1966 ‧ comedy-drama/drama ‧ 1h 19m
two teenage girls decide that since the world is spoiled, they will be spoiled too. they embark on a series of destructive pranks to rebel against a materialistic society.
initial release: 30 december 1966 ( #czechoslovakia ) / director: #věra_chytilová / cinematography: jaroslav kučera / screenplay: věra chytilová, ester krumbachová, pavel juráček / music composed by: jiří šlitr, jiří šust /// #cinema #film #movie #actor #actress #symbolism

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You know it's love when you go to see the same movie twice just because they want to go see it too #cinema #deadpool2 #datetime

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Face/off (1997) is a movie full of bombs and explosions, much to the liking of action fans, but it’s a movie of great carelessness in the way it plays out. john travolta stars as fbi special agent sean archer, who is out to get terrorist castor troy, played by nicholas cage. troy killed archer’s son years earlier, where the movie catches up to the present day. the movie plays out as a face off, which is a supposed witty play on words for multiple reasons. when archer thinks he’s killed troy, he’s relieved to put away the killer of his son. not all is good, though, as troy has placed a bomb in an unknown la area. so, to his partners’ credit, archer must replace his face with troy’s to infiltrate the people and places that could reveal to archer the location of the bomb. stupid, isn’t it. it’s even dumber when, in the movie, the safety precautions of the procedure seem to go unnoticed. when archer’s face is surgically removed and troy’s is put on him, archer’s face isn’t locked away, or held under tight security. instead, when the audience finds out that troy has awoken from a coma in the same room as the procedure was done, we see him walk up to the window of a lit room where archer’s face is gleaming underwater in protective liquid without any supervision in sight. so, naturally, troy takes on archer’s appearance and everything is in flux. director john woo must think the audience is a bunch of five year olds, because nobody is dumb enough to believe the possibility of the events i just explained, especially how troy seemingly awakens to find archer’s face nearby. if you don’t like action movies with excessive and unneeded explosions in your face, then don’t watch face/off. if you don’t like impossible scenarios involving plastering other peoples’ faces onto each other, then don’t watch face/off. if you do like films that seriously think they’re deceiving an audience of five year olds, then watch face/off. otherwise, stick to any other movie, but face/off.
let us know what you think about “face/off”!

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Wheat field fun!

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おすすめ度 :★★☆☆☆
グロテスク度 :★★★★☆
映画館映え度 :★★★☆☆




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Meu filho descobriu. eu sou o batman.
my son found out. i am the batman.
mein sohn hat es herausgefunden. ich bin batman.
mio figlio lo ha scoperto. sono batman.
Мой сын узнал. Я Бэтмен.
mon fils a découvert. je suis batman.
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