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Photo by: @nvnt.nath
just dream
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I'm late posting this oops but do y'all stan james charles?

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Bubbly & brunch in britain 🇬🇧 🍾

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생각이 많은 밤

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Flex up like treadmill 💸

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It’s not a secret that i have a sweet tooth - it’s something i crave every day- especially in the morning. oatmeal bowls are my favorite way to suppress the urge to pick up a bowl of ice cream at 7am 😂
after a workout, i can still get the protein i need and satisfy my sweet tooth with my protein oatmeal!! i’ve been using this plant-based protein that is surprisingly so d**n tasty!! @22daysnutrition - vanilla is the best pairing to my morning glory bowl 🥜

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Comment "❤️" six times for a shoutout.thank u for 120k ly💧

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