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Petite astuce pour un jolie décor en chocolat 😉😊😍
retrouvez également notre gamme de moule pour des décors époustouflant sans prise de tête sur votre boutique en ligne (lien dans notre bio) 😁😉
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Chocolate sails make really stunning showpieces at the top of your cakes, and they're so easy to make!⁠

all you need is a piece of parchment paper, tempered chocolate, and some clothespins (or backdrop clips in my case 😂)⁠

i easily decorated a cake using this chocolate sail, and a few chocolate spheres painted with truly mad plastics rose gold paint. ⁠

want to see more fun chocolate decorations? visit the link in my bio or head to!⁠

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Много кто просил, много кто хотел узнать как же это делается!🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ Вот показываю!)) сохраняйте себе на всякий случай 🤟🏽#pastryelite #pastrychef #pastry_academy_of_elite #pastryschool #chocolatedecoration

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Great idea and artistry to put chocolate in motion from chef @storyofling

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The great and intense hands one master class had finished in hong kong 🇭🇰 yesterday.
me and @jeffery_koo , 4 hands master class.
chocolate and pastry - the mix of 2 sweet worlds.

thanks to chef @jeffery_koo , assistants @maxime_michelot and students for these 3 days.

we will do this again so do not miss it.

i am heading to guangzhou 🇨🇳 today.
i will finish my tour in asia with 2 master classes.

have a great monday.

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This tool looks like it would speed up chocolate decoration 💯💯💯 @jorisvanhee tag your fellow pastry chef friend who needs this.

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Chef @lavalyoann shows us one of the many techniques he used in creating his showpiece for the @worldchocolatemasters it was incredible to share this piece up close in person 🙌🙌🙌

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🌰😋🌰🥞🌰😋🥞🥞🌰🌰chouchou praliné noisettes 😋
credits by chef @karim.bourgi .
for more videos tag👇👇👇👇👇👉 #pastrypassionamoula

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