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I love spring because it’s a season of excitement and optimism. i want to capture that feeling in a bottle ✨🌸🌊🌿⁣⠀
✨ new fav jacket from @livefashionable a new to me brand that i'm seriously loving - sustainable fashion is something i'm still very new to - i love that they are open and transparent about how much they pay their workers⁣ 👏🏼🙌🏾

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I’m very excited to share with you my cambridge city guide which is finally live on the blog! 💫 you can swipe through to see an example of what’s included— i wanted to share my favourite coffee shops, the best streets to explore and recommendations of things to do while you’re visiting cambridge— or click the link in my bio to see more! i really hope you like it, cambridge is one of my favourite places so it’s means a lot to get the chance to share what i love about the city 🤗 i’d love to know if you’ve ever visited cambridge? if you haven’t what’s your favourite city?

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Loving my new fragrances from @jomalonelondon i had a lovely fragrance consultation and picked these two, they both smell amazing! 😍🌸 #gifted
#wildlywonderful #jomalonelondonuk

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Io sono con te in ogni maledetto istante che ci vuole dividere e non ci riesce.
~ alda merini

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Parisian girls with a latin heart 💙
one of the reasons i was excited about coming to paris was meeting this babe! @jazminbardach and i have been ig friends for a long time and now, after a few visits to museums, coffee shops and 🛴 rides, we can actually say we’re friends. how magical it is to travel and connect with another latinas on the other side of the world! 🗺

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Can we just go back to the @door.127 opening?? 🤤☕️🤩
formerly known as @hydeandson this place has changed brand, menus and even the coffee they brew. definitely one of edinburgh’s iconic cafés and one of my favourites 💛

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