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Squinting because it’s soooo dang sunny! 👀 ☀️ little story about my bag! 2 years ago peter was on his bachelor party in miami and saw this bag! it hadn’t even become popular on insta yet! but he knew i would love it! i still do!

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Hello there!
a brief introduction for those of you who are just tuning in. my name is kristina and i live in vancouver, bc.

i mainly post fashion and travel photos here on instagram. i started this journey almost a year ago.

i’ve always loved fashion and i was following many like-minded accounts. but i was starting to get frustrated because i was hard-pressed to find accounts of women my age.

many of my 40 and 50-something-year-old friends and peers like to dress well and they have the means to do it. but fashion advertisers and marketers continue to disregard us. of course, this isn’t news to anyone.

but even on social media, the majority of fashion bloggers and “influencers” are young, especially in canada. (“not that there’s anything wrong with that.”) and yes i do follow many of them to get ideas. but when yet another well-toned b**t in a skimpy bikini shows up in my feed, i get discouraged - that’s not me, never will be, and frankly, never was...

so, in the spirit of, “be the content you want to see in the world,” i thought hey, maybe i can provide some inspiration to women like me, women who are interested fashion, beauty, and travel. women of any age who like to look good but don’t take it all too seriously. women who want to see real women, wrinkles and all.

so to my followers, i thank you for your support, your comments, and your questions. keep ‘em coming! ❤️ #internationalwomensday2019

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Blending in ❄️⠀

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Hi from bahamas! we are leaving our resort to wander around downtown nassau and check out some shops! plus, i promised peter some ice cream! 😂

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Playing sia’s christmas album all day 🎵

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Enjoying this city🚶🏻‍♀️ #buenosaires

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