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Print on demand pros and cons. i personally think print on demand is harder to be successful with. since it is more about branding and more expensive for people that are beginning out. •
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Modern luxury house! dope or nope? 😍🏠
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Everyone in the 🌍 wants to be successful, but as soon as they see what it takes, they back out. they see he lifestyle of which success can bring, so they instantly want that level of success.
however, they aren't willing to put in the late nights and early mornings. they aren't willing to give up free time to pursue their goals. they aren't willing to make sacrifices on a consistent basis until they see results.
this is the reason why there exists the 1%. there's only a small fraction of people in the 1st percentile because the other 99% don't have or aren’t willing to do whatever it takes to reach their goals which are highly achievable 🀦‍♂️
don't be like the 99%. there is plenty of room for you in the 1% if you decide you have what it takes, want success bad enough and are willing to conquer each day step by step towards reaching your goals until you see massive results πŸš€
i hope to see you at the top... 😜 #motivationalboss

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Don’t get me wrong, i love what i do, but i’ve done a lot of crying in my car this week. the dev life can be a harsh mistress

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10 daily habits that most successful entrepreneurs do. how many of these habits do you do daily?

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Divas don’t do drama, we do business.

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